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Knowledge Transfer at EdUHK
KT Sharing Session (4/10/2013)

The Strategies and Practices of Knowledge Transfer – Experience of the Centre for Learning Study (CLS)

Presented by

Dr KO Po Yuk (Director of Centre for Learning Study)


Knowledge transfer between researchers and practitioners is important for the improvement of educational practices. As part of a teacher education institute, one of the responsibilities of the Centre for Learning Study (CLS) is to support the professional development of the teaching profession and to contribute to knowledge transfer in order to get knowledge generated from research into practice. With this mission in mind, CLS has been launching a number of projects in collaboration with schools and different educational agents in HK and the Mainland as a close partner. These projects contribute to the professional development of teachers by enhancing their ability in lesson planning, lesson observation and peer review; and by helping teachers gain insights into how a number of important and difficult teaching topics in the school curriculum can be better dealt with to improve students’ learning outcome. Through running seminars, mentoring courses, open-lessons and website, we have cultivated a learning community amongst teachers and schools and established a platform for teachers to have interactive discussion and sharing using a useful conceptual framework. This seminar will introduce how knowledge is transferred from the projects of CLS at different levels. It will also explain how we make knowledge generated from research findings easy to use and access by the teaching profession as well as the social impact that has resulted.

Please click here to download the presentation PDF.

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