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Knowledge Transfer at EdUHK
KT Sharing Sessions

A series of sharing sessions on knowledge transfer (KT) have been organized at the University level to share the success stories and practical experiences of KT among staff. All staff are welcome to attend the sharing sessions.

15/2/2022 A Convenient Package to Enhance the English Phonics Ability of Chinese Children with Reading Difficulties Dr TSO Van Yip Ricky (PS)
27/1/2022 Can Emotion Be Measured Objectively? Dr SO Chi Fuk Henry (MIT)
25/5/2021 Transferring Knowledge of Virtual Classroom for Teaching Writing Dr ZOU Di Daisy (ELE)
17/5/2021 Experience of Developing STEM Teaching Materials for Junior Secondary Dr LEE Hoi Man Sarah (SES)
14/5/2021 新常態下的海外幼小中文二語學習者教材設計

Dr CHEUNG Lin Hong (CHL)
Dr TSE Ka Ho (CHL)
Dr LU Wen (CHL)


Reading in Mathematics: Teaching and Learning Mathematics Through Picture Books

Dr ZHANG Qiaoping (MIT)
Ms YEUNG Wing Ying (Fung Kai No. 1 Primary School)
Ms CHEUNG Shuk Ping (Fung Kai No. 1 Primary School)

3/3/2021 Using Mobile Applications to Enhance Feedback for Teaching and Learning for Practitioners Dr KO Yue On James (EPL)
8/2/2021 Enhancing Teacher Orchestration in Students’ Seamless Collaborative Science Inquiry Leveraged by a m-Orchestrate App Dr SONG Yanjie (MIT)
20/1/2021 Promoting the Importance of Students’ Sleep Health to School Administrators, Teachers, Counsellors and Parents

Dr LAU Yuet Ying Esther (PS)
Ms LI Cheng (PhD Candidate)

7/1/2021 EdU Touch Kit 2 – An Online and Localised Resource Package for Teaching and Coaching Dr CHOW Chi Ching Gary (HPE)
6/1/2021 Train the Trainers: Teaching a Simplified Style Tai Chi for the Elderly in France Professor LO Sing Kai (GS)
17/1/2020 e-Orch Teaching Manual: Curriculum and Resources Dr LEUNG Chi Hin (CCA)

Raising Awareness in Teachers and Parents in Mainland China in Support of High Functioning Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Evidence-based Approach for Developing Positive Efficacy

Professor LO Sing Kai (GS)

13/12/2019 A Literacy Play Kit for Supporting Young Children's English Learning: Development, Evidence and Impact

Dr YEUNG Siu Sze (PS)
Dr NG Mei Lee (ECE)

3/5/2019 Production and Promotion of an Evidence-based Exercise Manual for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Primary School Dr YU Chung Wah Clare (HPE)
14/1/2019 A Website for Art Criticism Learning and Teaching: Building up of Resources, Forming of Community of Practice and Enhancement of Impact Dr Tam Cheung On (CCA)
27/11/2018 Application and Promotion of an Innovative Mobile Logger for Effective Teaching and Learning of Science and Environmental Studies Professor Yeung Yau Yuen (SES)
23/11/2018 Educational Linguistics 2.0 – The Use of Corpora in Language Teaching Dr Ma Qing Angel (LML)
Dr Lee Fung King Jackie (LML)
Dr Wang Lixun (LML)
Dr Chen Hsueh Chu Rebecca (LML)
22/10/2018 Belt and Road Initiative and Hong Kong Professor CHIU Wing Kai (AHKS)
22/10/2018 Transferring Hong Kong Studies to the School Community

Dr FONG Chi Hang (AHKS)

04/10/2018 i-Learning: Develop a Curriculum in Using iPad to Compose Music for Secondary School Students in Hong Kong Dr CHEN Chi Wai (CCA)
01/06/2018 Managing Schools Intellectual Capital Dr CHENG Chi Keung Eric (C&I)
30/05/2018 新書出版:粵曲梆黃唱腔藝術 : 方文正作品彙編 Professor LEUNG Bo Wah (CCA)
27/11/2017 Sustainable Tourism Development for Post-earthquake Re-construction of the Wolong National Nature Reserve, Sichuan, China Dr CHEUNG Ting On Lewis (SSC)
23/11/2017 President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Knowledge Transfer Briefing Forums cum Sharing Sessions

Professor SIN Kuen Fung (SEC)
Dr CHEUNG Ting On Lewis (SSC)
Professor SI Chung Mou (CHL)
Dr TSE Ka Ho (CHL)
Dr HO Chi Hang (CHL)
Professor CHIU Chi Shing (EPL)(Represents Dr KO Po Yuk & the team)

7/11/2017 論語與現代社會 Professor SI Chung Mou (CHL)
Dr TSE Ka Ho (CHL)
Dr HO Chi Hang (CHL)
26/7/2017 Innovative English Language Teaching for Students Dr LEE Fung King Jackie (LML)
Dr CHEN Hseuh Chu Rebecca (LML)
Dr MA Qing Angel (LML)
Ms JIANG Zhengxin (Year 5 BEd(EL) Student)
Mr POON Ka Chun (Year 5 BEd(EL) Student)

Intellectual Property Seminar

Mr Michael Lin (Marks & Clerk Hong Kong)

05/07/2017 Special Education – Services and Technologies

Mr LAM Yu Hin Gary (Consultant, AESIR Ltd)
Ms TAM Lai Kuen Ivy (I-WELL)

24/05/2017 Assessment for Learning in Cantonese Opera Movement: Application of Computerised Kinetic Chain Assessment and Learning System Professor MOK Magdalena Mo Ching (ARC)
Professor LEUNG Bo Wah (CCA)
10/04/2017 Hong Kong Studies Seminars for Secondary School Students Dr FONG Chi Hang Brian (AHKS)
24/01/2017 Teacher Leadership in School Improvement Professor CHIU Chi Shing (EPL)
03/01/2017 校本語文課程發展的理論、實踐與成效

Dr CHEUNG Sau Hung , 
Dr HO Man Sing (CHL)

21/12/2016 Models of Trilingual Education in Ethnic Minority Regions of China Project Professor Bob ADAMSON (IELL)
21/12/2016 Modernising Assessment in Teaching and Learning

Professor LEUNG Bo Wah (CCA)
(Represents Professor MOK Mo Ching Magdalena & the team)

19/12/2016 The Effects of Three Mindfulness Skills on Improving the Training Quality of Guangdong Elite Athletes Dr SI Gangyan (HPE)
01/12/2016 Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning: Development and Practice Dr CHENG Kwok Shing Gary (MIT)
14/6/2016 融入互動電子書支持幼兒學習普通話 Dr HU Xinyun Annie (ECE)
8/6/2016 Becoming a Courier of Marine Stewardship – A Model of Service-based Learning for Environmental Sustainability Dr CHEANG Chi Chiu (SES)
24/5/2016 Grammar Teaching Resources for School Teachers Dr LEE Fung King Jackie (LML)
18/4/2016 Optimising the Effectiveness of Teaching & Learning through Innovative Use of Information Technology, Assessment, and Psychological Testing: Some Examples Professor MOK Mo Ching Magdalena (ARC)
06/4/2016 Cooperative Program for the Enhancement of Effective Mathematics Lessons Dr Leung Kui Chiu Issic (MIT)
19/2/2016 Helping Children with Stroke Parents: Enhancing Home Communication of School-age Children with their Parents who Suffer from Acquired Brain-based Communication Disorders Mrs KWAN-CHEN Li Ying Lorinda (SEC)
13/1/2016 Applying Knowledge Management Practices in School Education for Sustainable Development Dr CHENG Chi Keung Eric (C&I)
13/1/2016 Effects of a Language-rich Phonological Awareness Intervention on English Language and Literacy among Hong Kong Chinese Kindergartens Dr YEUNG Siu Sze Susanna (PS)
13/1/2016 Educational Experiences,Self Identity and Spirituality: A Study on the Well-being among Students from Diverse Cultures in Hong Kong Dr YUEN Yuet Mui Celeste (EPL)
13/1/2016 Innovations in Science and Environmental Studies (ISES) Professor SO Wing Mui Winnie (SES)
5/12/2015 KT related Public Lecture - "Educational Experiences, Spiritual Health and Life Satisfaction of Hong Kong Secondary Students with Diverse Cultural Backgrounds" Dr YUEN Yuet Mui Celeste (EPL)
25/6/2015 E-Assessment of, for and as Learning in the 21st Century Professor MOK Mo Ching Magdalena (PS)
9/6/2015 Improving the Learning of Students with Special Needs in Hong Kong Using the Learning Study Approach

Dr KO Po Yuk (CLS)

Dr LAI Meng Choo (CLS)

18/5/2015 活學歷史 : 歷史教育與實地考察 Dr HAU Lai Ying (LCS)
18/5/2015 AEROfit - An Aerobic Gymnastic Program to promote children's Physical Activity[健美樂]學校健美體操推廣計劃 (幼兒組) Dr CHEUNG Pui Yee Peggy (HPE)

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