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EdUHK X LU X SCMP Innovation and Entrepreneurship Challenge 2021
香港教育大学"教育与社会企业家基金"─ 粤港澳大湾区青年创业资助计划
「创新与科技基金」(iTech Fund)
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Procedures of Licensing of EdUHK IPs
教大获奖创新项目巡礼 2020
Fund for Innovation, Technology, and Social-wellbeing (FITS)
近年部份知识转移活动 (2018-2019)
伙伴项目 首席研究员
"One Belt, One Road" Initiative and International Cooperation in Higher Education in Hong Kong and Kazakhstan 卢一威博士
21st Primary STEM Project Exhibition 苏咏梅教授
22nd Primary STEM Project Exhibition 苏咏梅教授
An Analysis of the Role of Hong Kong School Principals in Supporting the Teaching of Civic Education 黄观连博士
Assessing Perceptual Expertise of Chinese Characters in Children with Developmental Dyslexia 曹宏业博士
Assessing the Efficacy of Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox in Secondary Geography Education in Hong Kong 郑雅仪博士
Automatic Assessment Score Analysis 赵明明教授
Beyond the E-Portfolio: Connectivity and Communities of Learning in a Virtual Environment 江绍祥教授
Big Data for School Improvement: Identifying and Analyzing Multiple Data Sources to Support Schools as Learning Communities 赵明明教授
Black-box Optimization via Statistical Physics 杨志豪博士
Blended Learning for University Enhancement II (BLUE Phase II) 林质彬教授, 郑美红教授, 李子建教授, 王立勋博士, 曾宝强教授, 郑保瑛博士
Bridging Formal Learning and Real Life Learning Experiences with E-book and Learner-generated Content Tools to Enhance Primary Students' English Vocabulary Learning 宋燕捷博士
Building a Holistic Advising Scheme to Address Students' Personal and Academic Development Needs Professor CHENG May Hung May
Can Promoting Kindness, Love, and Social Intelligence Boost Learning Outcomes among High School Students? Evidence in the Philippine Setting Dr Datu Jesus Alfonso Daep
Characterization of Chemicals with Epigentic and Tranagenerational Effects 胡绍燊教授
Community Engagement through Intergenerational Learning and Mentoring 谭小玲教授
Compilation of a Bilingual (Chinese-English) Dictionary of New Words and New Expressions in Middle Chinese Professor Zhu Qingzhi
Connecting Theoretical Statistical Physics with Practical Optimization Problems Dr YEUNG Chi Ho
Contact vs. Fantasy Online Sexual Offenders in Chats with Minors 赵明明教授
Creating an Impact: Setting up a Green Skills Hub at the EdUHK Dr Margarita Pavlova
Critical Literacy in the English and Liberal Studies Curriculum at St. Stephen's Girls College (Mid-Levels)
Development of Eye Movements during Reading: A Cross-Culture Comparison 潘敬儿博士
Development of Ultra-sensitive Probe for Food Safety Control and Monitoring of Biogenic 周卓辉博士
Digitalization, System Enhancement, and Programme Development 郑美红教授
Distributed Algorithms for Building and Using Big Suffix-based Fulltext Indices 陈伟康博士
Do Children Learning Chinese with Phonetic System Affect the Role of Auditory Temporal Processing to Reading? Dr WANG Li-Chih
EdUHK Learning from its Big Data 赵明明教授
Efficacy of Amplification with Hearing Aids for Tinnitus Relief: A Randomized Controlled Trial Dr Anna Kam Chi-Shan
Employee Well-being in Hong Kong: The Role of Psychological Capital 何振业博士
English Language Curriculum Revisit 黄明霞博士
Enhancement of Children's Liking, Acceptance and Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables with an Application of Molecular Gastronomy 钟明恩博士
Enhancement of Course Evaluation Mechanisms (SET) 郑美红教授
Enhancing Learning Engagement And Outcomes Through Formative E-Assessment Tasks in the General Education Foundation Course 詹颖博士
Enriching Graduate Attributes through Non-Formal Learning across Programmes 黃國茜博士
Evaluating the Integrated Programme for Children with Disabilities in Ordinary Kindergarten-cum-child Care Centres in Hong Kong: A Pilot Study 黎玉贞博士
Evaluation of the Policy, Provision, and Practice of Lifelong Learning for Senior Adults in Hong Kong 谭小玲教授
Examine the Relationships between Reading Prosody and Reading Comprehension in Chinese Primary School Children: A Cross-Sectional Design 黄立志博士
Examining the Association between Physical Activity and Sleep Quality in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder using Melatonin-mediated Mechanism Model: A Randomized Controlled Trial 谢采扬博士
Experiencing Stigma when Parenting Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Longitudinal Study 陈家承博士
Expressive Prosody of Chinese Children with Dyslexia 黄立志博士
Flourishing Religion among Students in a Multi-ethnic China: Implications for Citizenship Values 赵振洲博士
Follow-up Actions on Second QAC Audit 郑美红教授
From "Additive" to "Multiplicative" Effects of Capital on Post-secondary Education Enrollment in Hong Kong : A Double-informant Investigation 高放博士
Future Teachers' Competence in Encountering Children with Diverse Needs and Background Dr Nislin Mari Anneli
Generic Skills Training for Students and Youth with Intellectual Disability 冼权锋教授
Global Artificial Mussel Watch 胡绍燊教授
How phonetic system training change the way we read Chinese? An ERP study 黄立志博士
How to Increase the Demand for Private Long-term Care Insurance in Hong Kong? 和经纬博士
Inhibition Mechanisms of CO2 Fixation in Non-photosynthetic Microbial Community by the Typical Soil Organics 曾耀辉博士
Institutional and Cultural Dynamics in Higher Education Governance: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan 卢一威博士
Institutional-level Benchmarking 郑美红教授
International Comparative Analysis of Learning and Teaching 高裕安教授
Is Mathematics for Young Children about Counting 123s? Hong Kong Parents' Beliefs about Early Mathematics Learning 张森炯博士
KEEP Learning for Life: Knowledge & Education Exchange Platform 2.0 郑美红教授
Modelling the Effects of Different Forms of Capital on Post-secondary Education Enrollment: An "Interacting Multiple Capitals" 高放博士
Multiculturalism with Asian characteristics 高放博士
NENU x EdUHK - Joint-U ecological studies in Jilin Province 2018 李伟展博士
New Item Response Theory Models for Rater Errors 赵明明教授
Parents’ Self-efficacy in Promoting English Phonics Reading in Chinese Children with Dyslexia: An Intervention Study 曹宏业博士
Pathways to Creativity: A Longitudinal Investigation in the United States, Japan, and China 张婉文博士
Police Officers and Cheerleaders: The Emergence of Strong Reciprocity in Children 王贞琳博士
Preparing Pre-service Language Teachers to Teach Critical Thinking: An Ethnographic Case Study in Hong Kong 袁睿博士
Price Responsiveness of Electricity and Natural Gas Demands by Customer Class in the US Professor Woo Chi-keung
Promoting Teacher Learning and Improving Instruction: What is the Role of Cross-school Instructional Leadership? 钱海燕博士
Public Attitudes towards Social Policy in Urban China: Sub-national Variation, Local Welfare Regimes and Implications for Policy Reforms 和经纬博士
Reduced Anger Rumination as a Mechanism in the Relationship between Trait Self-Control and Aggressive Behavior: A Daily Diary Study 黎建斌博士
Responses of Marine Ecosystems to Hypoxia 胡绍燊教授
School Children’s Exposure to Veterinary Antibiotics from Food and Drinking Water and Risk of Obesity in Hong Kong 邓文靖博士
School Leadership for Civic Learning: Preparing Students to Becoming ‘Good Citizens’ for Complex World 黄观连博士
School-STEM Professionals Collaboration: Impact on Teachers' Conceptions and Students' Attitudes towards STEM 苏咏梅教授
Sleep on It: Effects of Daytime Naps and Nighttime Sleep on Emotional Processing in College Students 刘月莹博士
Strengthen Efforts to Recruite Quality Students 郑美红教授
Support of New Project "Learning for and with Uncertainty: Free Learning in an IB School in Hong Kong as a Model for Secondary and Tertiary Education Ms Elke Van Dermijnsbrugge
Supporting Kindergarteners’ Learning English at Home through a Literacy Play Kit 杨少诗博士
Sustainable Organohydride Cofactor Regeneration on Molecular Transition Metal Catalysts for Enzymatic Biotransformation 梁致辉博士
System Enhancement to Support New Initiatives 郑美红教授
Technology-Enhanced Learning and Assessment (TELA): Research-based Teacher Development 赵明明教授
The Effects of Grit and Kindness Interventions on Students’ Academic Functioning among High School Students in The Philippines Dr Jesus Alfonso Daep DATE
The Effects of Grit and Kindness Interventions on Students’ Academic Functioning among High School Students in the Philippines Dr Datu Jesus Alfonso Daep
The Effects of Workplace Bullying on Chinese Children’s Health, Behaviors and School Adjustment via Parenting: A Longitudinal Study 吴秀敏博士
The Impact of Sleep Deprivation on Emotional Functioning and Its Electroencephalographic (EEG) Correlates 刘月莹博士
The Impacts of Kindness Curriculum on Social-Emotional Learning Competencies, Social Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem and Media Literacy Skills Among Junior Secondary School Students Dr Datu Jesus Alfonso Daep
The Relationships between Perceived Stress, Coping Strategies, Emotional Intelligence, Life Satisfaction and Psychological Health among Chinese Parents and Caregivers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case-Control Study 吴秀敏博士
The Unique Role of Cognitive Flexibility in Chinese Reading Acquisition among Hong Kong Preschoolers 方蕊慈
The content and process of self-stigaThe Content and Process of Self-Stigma in People with Serious Mental Illness: A Longitudinal Studyma in people with serious mental illness: A longitudinal study 陈家承博士
The impact of differential parenting: A longitudinal study of child and parent factors on children's psychosocial health in Hong Kong 吴秀敏博士
Tone and Intonation Studies in Cantonese Post-stroke Aphasic Patients 张凌博士
Towards Automatic Tracking of Student Responses to Teacher Feedback in Draft Revision 郑国城博士
Towards the Global Optimum in Dynamical Transportation Networks with Statistical Physics 杨志豪博士
Tracking Students' Use of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies for Computer Programming in Teacher Education 郑国城博士
Training and Practice 冯树勋博士
Unravelling the Epigenetic Mechanisms Underlying Reproductive Impairment Induced by Professor Wu Shiu Sun Rudolf
Vocabulary and reading comprehension: Examining the role of vocabulary depth and cross-language transfer 杨少诗博士
Work-related Well-being of Social Workers in Hong Kong 何振业博士
m-Orchestrate: Developing a Mobile Learning System for Teacher Orchestration in Collaborative Science Inquiry 宋燕捷博士
“Good citizens” for a complex world: from the eyes of university youth in Hong Kong, in mainland China , Macau and Taiwan 黄观连博士
“New Tai Chi Chinese Typography System" Through Digital Media Technology 洪强博士
「里仁为美──中华懿德在香港」推广计划 余君伟教授
汉语代词在历史上几个重要变化之动因研究——以佛教及佛经翻译对汉语发展演变的影响为视角 朱庆之教授
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