Director's Message

Welcome to the website of the Research Centre for the Transmission of Cantonese Opera (RCTCO)!

Cantonese Opera is one of the most representative art forms in Hong Kong, it also enjoys great popularity in Guangdong, Guangxi and Macau. As a result of its long evolution, including contributions from many eminent artists, it has witnessed a rise in status (from simple entertainment to fine art), presentation (from temporary tin-sheet bamboo theatres to concert halls and grand theatres) and content (from total improvisation to rigorous script writing). However, while the transmission of Cantonese Opera has witnessed a similar development – from that of a traditional, apprenticeship-based model relying mainly on informal learning techniques to a more standardized learning and teaching approach within a formal schooling system framework – the issue of the education of audiences seems to have been ignored. Three main questions lie at the heart of the problem: How can the continuous development of professional artists’ personal techniques and styles be facilitated? How can new, young audiences among existing and future generations be generated? How can quality audiences be nurtured in such a way that they are able to provide pertinent responses to performances?

The mission of the Research Centre is to facilitate and promote the effective teaching and learning of Cantonese Opera via different channels and contexts in order to ensure quality transmission of the genre. In addition to its dedication to researching these issues using a variety of methods and projects, the Centre may also provide services for commissioned research projects. Since we are a self-funded body, sponsorships and donations from the public are most welcomed.

I look forward to receiving your feedback and support.

Professor Leung Bo-Wah
Centre Director