• About RCTCO

    Cantonese opera is one of the most representative art forms in Hong Kong, reflecting both Cantonese (local) and Chinese culture. Before the inclusion of the genre in the UNESCO Human Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009, the HKSAR Government encouraged the preservation, transmission and development of Cantonese opera in Hong Kong through different channels. However, artistic transmission is just one of many challenges that need to be addressed in order to sustain the development of the art form. With only a limited number of academics specializing in this particular area, educational research in Cantonese opera has been one of the strengths of the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts. Building on such solid foundations, The Education University of Hong Kong established the Research Centre for Transmission of Cantonese Opera in January, 2018.

    Committed to contributing to the local community in terms of culture, arts, and arts education development, the Department of Cultural and Creative Arts has long facilitated the transmission and development of Cantonese opera in Hong Kong. Grounded in academic research, the latest digital technologies and a network of professional artists and schools, the Research Centre will become a focal agency locally and internationally for research, pedagogy, and the promotion of Cantonese opera. We have a core team of academics focusing on research and knowledge transfer activities, as well as working with groups of consultants and collaborative organizations comprising experts in different professions. The Research Centre aims to:

    1. Research issues related to the transmission of Cantonese opera;
    2. Develop high-quality teaching and learning materials of Cantonese opera in the contexts of formal and non-formal education;
    3. Admit PhD students and Post-doctoral Fellows in Cantonese opera education and transmission; and
    4. Disseminate information and knowledge about Cantonese opera through different channels, including the Centre’s website, publications, seminars, conferences and workshops.


    To become a leading academic research centre for the study and research of Cantonese opera transmission and education, and an advocate for the sustainable development of Cantonese opera in the context of the twenty-first century.


    The missions of the Research Centre include:
    • To promote Cantonese opera locally and internationally;
    • To advocate research in Cantonese opera transmission and education; and
    • To facilitate the sustainable development of the Cantonese opera industry in Hong Kong through the means of educational research and knowledge transfer activities.