Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences



The Centre for Research in Interdisciplinary and Liberal Studies was established in March 2008, under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Education University of Hong Kong. It was restructured and renamed as the Resource Centre for Interdisciplinary and Liberal Studies in 2012 under the new Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.
The role of Centre is to:
  • support the education and curriculum reform related to the development of integrated learning and interdisciplinary studies;
  • promote teaching and learning related to interdisciplinary studies such as Liberal Studies, General Studies and Environmental Education;
  • network expertise and researchers from different disciplines to develop projects related to interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary areas;
  • integrate the research/scholarly outputs with the enhancement of pedagogy in the related programmes at degree and post-degree levels; and
  • provide resource and technical support for the development of pedagogical repertoire and instructional resources for integrated teaching and learning to serve teacher education and professional development.