Dr WANG Zhenlin

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology,
The Education University of Hong Kong                    

Phone: (852) 29488795
Email: zlwang@eduhk.hk
ORCID: 0000-0002-2175-1140
Education Ph.D., Developmental and Educational Psychology,
Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2000

Ph.D., Applied Psychology in Human Development,
Graduate School of Education,
University of Pennsylvania, 2010

Biography Trained as an early childhood teacher in my undergraduate studies, Dr Zhenlin Wang went on to pursue her research interests in developmental psychology, and earned two doctoral degrees from the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, respectively. She was an exchange scholar at Harvard University and more recently a visiting scholar at Cambridge University. Her research is sponsored by Hong Kong Research Grants Council's General Research Fund and UK Economic and Social Research Council/ Hong Kong Research Grants Council Joint Research Scheme.
Research Interests
  • the development of children’s understanding theory of mind and its impact on children’s cognitive and social development,
  • cultural and individual differences associated with theory of mind development
5 Representative Publications
  • Hughes, C., Devine, R. T., & Wang, Z. (2018). Does parental mind‐mindedness account for cross‐cultural differences in preschoolers’ theory of mind? Child development, 89(4), 1296-1310.
  • Wang, Z., Wang, X.C., & Chui, W.Y. (2017). Young children’s understanding of teaching and learning and their theory of mind development: A causal analysis from a cross-cultural perspective. Frontiers in Psychology. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00725
  • Wang, L., Zhu, L., & Wang, Z. (2017). Parental mind-mindedness but not false-belief understanding predicts Hong Kong children's lie-telling behavior in a temptation-resistance task. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 162, 89-100. 
  • Wang, Z., Wong, R.K.S., Wong, P.Y.H., Ho, F.Q., & Cheng, D.P.W. (2016), Play and theory of mind in early childhood: a Hong Kong perspective, Early Child Development and Care, 1-14.
  • Wang, Z., Devine, R. T., Wong, K. K., & Hughes, C. (2016). Theory of mind and executive function in middle childhood across cultures. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. 149, 6-22.