Faculty of Education and Human Development

Prof. MOK Mo Ching Magdalena

Name: Prof. MOK Mo Ching, Magdalena
Post: Chair Professor of Assessment and Evaluation/Director of Assessment Research Centre
Room: B1 - 2/F - 15
Tel: (852)2948 7704
Magdalena Mo Ching Mok is Chair Professor of Assessment and Evaluation. She is also Director of Assessment Research Centre at The Education University of Hong Kong. She completed her undergraduate study at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has MSc degree from the University of Glasgow and PhD degree from The University of Hong Kong. She is Editor of Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology.  She has won research grants from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council.  She works in the area of assessment and self-directed learning with a special interest in Self-directed Learning Oriented Assessment. She has published extensively in these areas. Professor Mok has undertaken numerous consultancy research projects tendered by governments and NGOs in Australia and Hong Kong.
Highest degree obtained 
Ph.D., Education, School of Education, University of Hong Kong
Motivation; Quantitative Research Methods; Multilevel Modeling
Recent research grants
The role of mathematics and Chinese language in driving achievement growth: What drives what? A latent growth curve study (2016-2017), funded by Research Grants Council (General Research Fund) (PI: Mok, M. M. C.; Co-Is: Law, C. L. K., & Wang, W. C.)
Differences in open classroom climate of European countries (2015-2016), funded by HKIEd Departmental Research Grant. (PI: Mok, M. M. C.; Co-I: Hoskins, B.)
E-Leadership building in an Era of E-Learning through Cross-Departmental Collaboration (2014-2016), funded by HKIEd Teaching Development Grant. (PI: Mok, M. M. C.; Co-Is: Kong,  S. C., & Chen, S.)
Interplay of achievements in mathematics and Chinese Language: A six-year longitudinal study. Department of Psychological Studies (2013-2014), funded by HKIEd Departmental Research Grant. (PI: Mok, M. M. C.; Co-I: Law, C. L. K.)
Exploring Effects of Teacher and Peer Feedback on Self-directed Learning and Mathematics Achievement of Primary Students (2012-2014), funded by Research Grants Council (General Research Fund No. 844011) (PI: Mok, M. M. C.; Co-Is: Paris, S. G., Stanley, G., & Tognolini, J. S.)
Seletcetd consultancy in past three years
Provision of Services for Workshop Series for School Leaders on New Academic Structure (SLW) 2013: Reforming School Assessment Culture under New Academic Structure (2013), funded by Education Bureau Hong Kong. (PI: Mok, M. M. C.)

Assessment Consultancy to Assessment Curriculum and Technology Research Centre Steering Committee (2013).

Council Member, Advisory Council, Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, Department of Education and Communities, NSW Australia (2012-Present).

Member, Evaluation Steering Committee, National Chengchi University (2012-2014).

Selected recent publications
i) Refereed Journal Articles
Liao, C.-H., Kuo, B.-C., Deenang, E., & Mok, M. M. C. (2015). Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses in reading-related cognitive component among grade four students in Thailand. Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology, DOI: 10.1080/01443410.2015.1058342.
Ruan, B., Edginton, C. R., & Chin, M. K., & Mok, M. M. C. (2015). Engaged scholarship: Bok’s undergraduate competency framework and the Camp AdventureTM Child and Youth Services (CACYS) Program. World Leisure Journal, 57(2), 1–21.
Korpershoek, H., Xu, J., Mok, M. M. C., McInerney, D. M., & Van der Werf, M. P. C. (2015). Testing the multidimensionality of the Inventory of School Motivation in a Dutch student sample. Journal of Applied Measurement, 16(1), 41-59.
Mok, M. M. C., McInerney, D. M., Zhu, J., & Or, A. (2014). Growth trajectories of mathematics achievement: Longitudinal tracking of student academic progress. British Journal of Educational Psychology. Article first published online: 28 Nov 2014.  DOI:10.1111/bjep.12060  (ISSN: 2044-8279)
Mok, M. M. C., Zhu, J., McInerney, D. M., & Or, A. (2014). Growth in mathematics cognitive and content domains: A 6-year longitudinal study. Assessment and Learning, 3, 129-159.
Cheng, R. W., McInerney, D. M., & Mok, M. M. C. (2014). Does Big-Fish-Little-Pond effect always exist? Investigation of goal orientations as moderators in the Hong Kong context. Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology, 34(5), 561-580.
Mok, M. M. C., Wang, W. C., Cheng, Y. Y., Leung, S. O., & Chen, L. M*. (2014). Prevalence and behavioural ranking of bullying and victimisation among secondary students in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao. Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 23(3), 757-767.
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Martin, A., Liem, G. A. D., Mok, M. M. C., & Xu, J. (2012). Problem solving and immigrant student mathematics and science achievement: Multi-nation findings from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Journal of Educational Psychology, 104(4), 1054-1073.
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ii) Book
莫慕貞、顏明仁 (2014) 。二十一世紀大學生學習素養談:香港傑出人士的分享。香港:貝思出版有限公司。(ISBN: 978-988-1887-59-7) (Original in Chinese: Mok, M. M. C. &Ngan, M. Y. (2014). Literacy of university students in the twenty-first century: Sharing by Hong Kong elites.  Hong Kong: Pace Publications Ltd. (ISBN: 978-988-1887-59-7)
莫慕貞、丁彥銓、何昊璇、黃英華、謝棹南、徐坤、姚靜靜 (2011) 。優化學習導向評估之SP Xpress 2.2。Hong Kong: Pace Publications Ltd. (134 pages) (ISBN: 978-988-1887-40-5).
Mok, M. M. C. (2010). Self-directed Learning Oriented Assessment: Assessment that Informs Learning & Empowers The Learner. Hong Kong: Pace Publications Ltd.
iii) Book Chapters
Mok, M. M. C., Kennedy, K. J., & Zhu, J. (2013). Adolescents’ civic engagement: A study of five Asian societies.  In G. A. D. Liem, & A. Bernardo (Eds.), Advancing Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Educational Psychology: A Festschrift for Dennis McInerney, pp. 168-192. ‏ Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.
Kennedy, K. J., Mok, M. M. C., & Wong, M. Y. W. (2011). Developing Political Trust in Adolescents: Is there a Role for Schools? In Bernadette R. Curtis (Ed.), The Psychology of Trust (pp. 137-156).  Nova Science Publishers. (ISBN: 978-1-61209-843-2)
Mok, M. M. C. (2011). The Assessment For, Of and As Learning in Mathematics: the Application of SLOA.  In B. Kaur, & K. Y. Wong (Eds.). The Association of Mathematics Educators, Yearbook 2011, pp. 187-215. Singapore: World Scientific Books.

iv) Edited Books

Mok, M. M. C. & Zhang, Q. (Eds.) (2014). Journal of Applied Measurement: Book of Abstracts Volume II.  Maple Grove, MN: JAM Press. (ISBN: 978-1-934116-10-4)(308 pages).
Mok, M. M. C. (Ed.)(2013). Self-directed Learning Oriented Assessments in the Asia-Pacific. Dordrecht Heidelberg New York London: Springer. (427 pages). ISBN 978-94-007-4506-3 (e-book: ISBN 978-94-007-4507-0)(DOI 10.1007/978-94-007-4507-0)