Professor Stephen Y. L. Cheung
SBS, JP, Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques
President and Chair Professor of Public Policy
The Education University of Hong Kong

Academic & Professional Qualifications
BSc(Hons) CUHK, PhD Paris VI, PhD Strathclyde

Research Interests
Corporate Finance, Investment, Financial Market Development.

Recent Publications

  • Cheung, Y. L., Haw, I. M., Tan, W. Q., & Wang, W. M. (forthcoming in 2021). Auditor Appointment Strategy and Intragroup Value Transfers: Evidence from Family Business. Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.
  • Cheung, Y. L., Rau, P. R., & Stouraitis, A. (forthcoming in 2021). What Determines the Return to Bribery? Evidence from Corruption Cases Worldwide. Management Science.
  • Cheung, Y. L., Rau, P. R., Stouraitis, A., & Tan, W. Q. (2021). Does the Market Understand the Ex Ante Risk of Expropriation by Controlling Shareholders? Journal of Corporate Finance, 1-55.
  • Ahn, H., Cai, J., & Cheung, Y. L. (2020). Execution Costs, Investability, and Actual Foreign Investment in Emerging Markets. China Finance Review International, 10(2), 143-167.
  • Cheung, Y. L., & Stouraitis, A. (2020). Report on the HKIoD Corporate Governance Scorecard 2020. The Hong Kong Institute of Directors.
  • Cheung, Yan-leung, Tan, Weiqiang, & Wang, Wenming (2020). Where Do Banks Value Corporate Social Responsibility More? Evidence on the Role of National Culture. Journal of Banking and Finance.
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