Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Asian and Policy Studies

Welcome to the Department of Asian and Policy Studies at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. In September 2012, our department was established as one of our institute’s strategic developments. We aim to create positive change through policies and programs that respond to the changing needs of vulnerable individuals and groups in Asian societies. We promote undergraduate and graduate education, the pursuit of innovative policy studies, and active public engagement.

Our educational mission is to provide passionate and committed Asians with the advanced knowledge and skills they need to become the next generation of change makers. Every one of our students leaves with the capacity to devise effective but feasible solutions for pressing social problems within complex contexts.

We are dedicated researchers who apply social, economic, and political science to address important social issues in Asian countries, especially Greater China. As a research institute, we have worked in a variety of policy areas, including aging, education, governance, health, inequality, population, poverty, and youth.

Our faculty members and students are also working together to help create a better world through active involvement in our community. The knowledge they gain from such community work can then inform the policies and programs we design to address disparities in well-being and to promote sustainable development.

I invite you to spend some time browsing our website to learn more about our department.

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Asian and Policy Studies.