1. Candidates should be teachers by profession, serving or otherwise, who have performed formal teaching duties for a period of time during their career. Candidates may be professional educators engaged in teaching, or individuals with appropriate background who are associated with education in a range of capacities. Candidates may also be retired individuals who have a distinguished career characterised by all or some of the aforementioned criteria.

Candidates' achievements are measured by the impact and dimensions of their work in instigating learning as a powerful and vital means of producing valuable individuals who in turn will contribute, in their different ways, towards our community's development in the social, cultural or intellectual contexts. Their achievements may well exemplify the Institute's vision of "Optimising Each Child's Potential Through the Shared Joy of Learning and Teaching".

3. Candidates should have made a significant, positive impact on the learning and/or teaching culture of the Hong Kong education system in their own respective sectors, or they should preferably have a strong track record in community service that is closely related to education issues.
4. Though highly preferable, candidates may not necessarily be Hong Kong residents, as the concept of "Outstanding Educator" is not limited by geographic or national boundaries. However, the strong relevance of the candidates' achievements to the Hong Kong situation will be a key consideration in the selection process.

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