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About the IP Phone System

In December 2008, the Institute (now The Education University of Hong Kong) started to replace the traditional analogue phone system with Nortel Communication System 1000 IP Phone system. The IP Phone uses IP based computer network instead of the traditional telephone wire. With the Nortel IP Phone system, we could use the same cable for phones and/or computer which provides more flexibility.

IP Phone Features

Currently we are using Nortel 1140/1120/1110 IP Phone handset which provides many useful features:

  • Support handsfree and speaker phone
  • Advanced phone features e.g. Call Waiting, Conference, Call Parking
  • Caller ID - Incoming call number/name will be shown before users pick up the phone
  • Corporate Directory and Personal Directory
  • Programmable feature keys
  • Voice Mail
  • Virtual Office - Allow staff to configure a shared/unused phone to become personal phone with all the customization and configuration
  • Calls between Tai Po and TKO Study Centre (TKOSC) will go through internal connection. You add prefex 22 before TKOSC extension when calling from Tai Po and prefix 21 before Tai Po extension when calling from TKOSC.

CallPilot Web Access

  • It provides a means to access CallPilot functions (e.g. voicemail) through the Web as an alternative to accessing CallPilot using a telephone. The web address is http://voicemail.eduhk.hk/.
  • The web access provides an easy way to users to change CallPilot settings. It also allows users to to record and upload greeting messages through the web.

Caller ID

  • With Caller ID, users could easily build up their personal phone book.
  • For internal calls, Caller ID will be shown to the recipient when a call is made.
  • For external calls, by default the caller id will be displayed to the external parties (Tai Po campus only). If you want to hide your caller id, you could add the prefix 9133 before the number. For TKOSC, caller id will not be shown for external calls due to technical limitations.


Each staff who needs a personal phone will have an extension number and two passwords:
  1. "IP Phone password" to secure the phone & to use Virtual Office
  2. "CallPilot password" for voice mail and CallPilot server
Users should change the password ASAP. Password should be at least 8 characters long. Users forget their passwords could reset them by calling IT Help Desk hotline (2948 6601).


International calls

In order to make international calls, please refer to the following procedures and dial format.

+ + + + +


 is the required prefix ( *25 ) for internal transfer of international call

 is a 4 digits departmental pass code for outgoing International call and is assigned by OCIO. For details, please ask your general office.

+  is the required number preset in the PABX system for call transfer

can be checked from HKT International Telephone Numbers or CountryCode.org

e.g. Dial *25-xxxx-9-0060-65-12345678

This is to call a phone number '12345678' in Singapore with Country Code '65' .

Note : IDD calls will be charged to your departmental IDD telephone account. Only authorized person with the departmental pass code could use the services.





If you only need the basic functions of a phone, no training is needed. However, if you need to use some of the advanced functions, you might want to check the reference manuals or our FAQs as attached. There will be training workshops for users.

  1. Training Video on IP Phone and configuration of Featurekeys
  2. Training Video on Call Forwarding, Transfer, multi-party conference and phonebook 
  3. Training Video on http://voice.eduhk.hk and voice mail operations 


User Guides

  1. IP Phone 1140E Quick Reference Card
  2. IP Phone 1140E User Guide
  3. CallPilot Multimedia Messaging User Guide
  4. CallPilot (Voicemail) Quick Reference
  5. Voicemail Operation Guide


Flexible Feature Codes

Code Feature Remarks
*0 Redial Last Number code Analog phone only
*1 Ring Again Activate code Analog phone only
*25 Authorization code
*3 Speed Call User code Analog phone only
*7 Directed Call Pickup
*9 Permanent Hold code Analog phone only
#1 Ring Again Deactivate code Analog phone only
#3 Speed Call Controller code Analog phone only
#7 Ring Pickup  
#9 Call Forward All Call Analog phone only
#0 Six Party Conference Code Analog phone only