Google “Friends” Account for Staff

The Logo of G Suite for Education

To facilitate staff to make use of "G Suite for Education" for teaching and other purposes, each University staff member is provided with a Google "Friends" account.

The G Suite for Education (formerly called Google Apps for Education) is is a collection of web-based programs including Google Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs / Drives, Google Sites, and etc. With the Google “Friends” service, academic/teaching staff can easily collaborate with students who is currently using G Suite for Education for email communication and for other purposes (e.g. storing videos taken in teaching practice). Please note that, however, the official email service for staff is Microsoft Office 365 (O365).

Staff can login the Google "Friends” service, through and click ‘Friends’, using the network login name and password (i.e. the same password for accessing the information systems of the University and for using O365 services). Note that the full email address of your Google “Friends” account is

Staff can continue to use the Google “Friends” account when he / she ceases to be a member of the University.

Please also see Friends FAQ for more related information about the Google “Friends” services.