There are some characters that cannot be typed using standard input method (e.g. ). This is a unicode only character so you need to use other input method like "Unicode IME". You need to add the Unicode IME manually in Windows XP.


  • Click "Start" -> "Setting" -> "Control Panel"
  • Open "Regional and Language Options " by double click.
  • Change to the "Languages" tab then click "Details" button.
  • Click "Add" button.
  • Choose "Chinese (Taiwan)" from the Input language option.
  • Check the "Keyboard layout/IME" box then choose "Chinese (Traditional) - Unicode" and click "OK"
  • Now, you can open MS Word and change the Input method to "Chinese (Taiwan) - Unicode".
  • To type any character, input the Unicode (e.g. 5101 ).

Note: Do not use the "Num Pad" to input the unicode.