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Dealing with Hong Kong’s other serious ‘hot’ problem

South China Morning Post

For Hong Kong’s youth, there’s no hope at home – and so they pour out into the streets

The Globe and Mail

From Tung Chee-hwa to Carrie Lam: A string of failed leaders points to a failure of Hong Kong’s system

Hong Kong Free Press

How protest turnout figures are manipulated on both sides of Hong Kong’s political divide

Hong Kong Free Press

The misunderstandings about veganism explained

China Daily (HK Edition)  

Plant-based meat can play pivotal role in fighting climate change

China Daily (HK Edition)  

The contradiction in Hong Kong’s current approach to climate change: fly before you fry

Hong Kong Free Press

Want creative self-starters? Free Hong Kong youths from the classroom

South China Morning Post

Why the breakthrough image of a black hole is both mind-boggling and humbling

Hong Kong Free Press

HK can learn from Shenzhen in fight against air pollution

China Daily (HK Edition)

Climate Strike Hong Kong: Gov’t reaction to class boycott is ironic, short-sighted and dangerous

Hong Kong Free Press

More private composts will benefit waste disposal in HK

China Daily (HK Edition)

Breath of suspicion: why is Hong Kong’s air cleaner by local measures… and dirtier according to outsiders?

Hong Kong Free Press

How Google Translate is set to disrupt English lessons

South China Morning Post

Have rational talks and avoid hyperbole to solve land issues

China Daily (HK Edition)

If we don’t act on climate change, we’ll soon be up to our necks in hot water

Hong Kong Free Press

Is Canada going to pot… or is Hong Kong overlooking the merits of a harmless plant? 

Hong Kong Free Press

Stop this absurdity of forcing people to retire in their prime

China Daily (HK Edition)

Time for nature as well as nurture in education system

South China Morning Post

Carbon catastrophe: air-freighted fruit at Hong Kong supermarkets is a disaster for the planet

Hong Kong Free Press

Saving the planet through a shift in education priorities

EJ Insight

Planet pays price for flying (Online version: A Hong Kong airport fourth runway may be good for business, but it would be terrible for the environment)

South China Morning Post

Time to implement a simple idea that could save our planet: stop eating meat

Hong Kong Free Press

Why it makes sense to switch to simplified script (Online version: Traditional or simplified? Debate on Chinese characters should be decided by pragmatics, not politics)

South China Morning Post

Homes on Happy Valley site will make for a joyful place

China Daily (HK Edition)

Stacking numbers clarifies the golf vs homes debate

China Daily (HK Edition)

Decline of English in Hong Kong has been exaggerated (Online version: English in Hong Kong may be getting better, so forget the nitpicking)

South China Morning Post

All creatures deserve benign treatment

China Daily (HK Edition)

Eliminating luxury-EV tax break makes sense

China Daily (HK Edition)

#MeToo and Vera Lui show we need better sex education (Online version: #MeToo and Vera Lui show why Hong Kong needs better sex education classes)

South China Morning Post

No easy choices on housing (Online version: Hong Kong’s housing shortage suffers from a lack of low-hanging fruit)

South China Morning Post

Shift in perspective may expand organ donor pool

China Daily (HK Edition)

Think twice before providing more electric vehicle recharging facilities (Online version: Why Hong Kong should think twice about more electric vehicle recharging facilities)

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s lesson in accountability for Japan’s ailing universities

The Japan Times

Glass bottles good target for higher government spending

China Daily (HK Edition)

Sacked Google worker was entitled to raise gender diversity issues

South China Morning Post

Can Chinese medicine really deal with flu?

South China Morning Post

Trump supporters are victims of the power of belief

South China Morning Post

HK needs higher power bills

South China Morning Post

Don’t pass on false beliefs such as feng shui to our children – teach them science instead

South China Morning Post

Be gentler with our chickens in the Year of the Rooster

South China Morning Post

Why is Hong Kong Golf Club more precious than our country parks in the search for housing land?

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong’s official air quality index failing to warn on deadly health hazard

South China Morning Post



Hong Kong students get better grades with breakfast? Why the link is hard to stomach

South China Morning Post

Psychopath: fate or free will? (Online version: Rurik Jutting: how the fate of a jailed psychopath raises questions about free will)

South China Morning Post
03.11.2016In a class of their ownSouth China Morning Post
04.10.2016Hong Kong shopfronts blasting out cold air reflect a blatant misuse of powerSouth China Morning Post
26.09.2016The secret of snake oil salesman Donald Trump’s successSouth China Morning Post
13.09.2016A tale of two duopolies: HK’s abysmal supermarket chainsChina Daily (HK Edition)
05.08.2016Biased media reinforce negative stereotypes of mainland peopleChina Daily (HK Edition)
08.07.2016Human compassion for animals lacks consistencyChina Daily Asia
13.06.2016Look beyond culling birds to resolve H7N9 crisisChina Daily (HK Edition)
10.06.2016Despite frequent laments about education quality, the kids are all rightChina Daily (HK Edition)
18.04.2016The wonder years (Online version: Whether it succeeds or not, the Alpha Centauri project is already a testament to the wonders of life)South China Morning Post
12.04.2016Surveys with a smile (Online version: Relax – glum shop assistants don’t necessarily mean the Hong Kong economy is weak)South China Morning Post
05.04.2016We need to change our outdated attitudes to organ donations in HKChina Daily (HK Edition)
23.03.2016Don’t be so quick to lay blame for student suicides (Online version: Don’t be too quick to blame school pressure for Hong Kong’s youth suicides)South China Morning Post
18.02.2016How the questioning mind of a scientist can help Hong Kong students discover the truth about beliefs such as feng shuiSouth China Morning Post
28.11.2015China must unblock Google Scholar and keep the internet open for its researchersSouth China Morning Post
09.11.2015Are Hong Kong's English standards really falling off a cliff? Don't be so quick to believe the hypeSouth China Morning Post
29.10.2015There's a price to pay for changing the meat we eat (Online Version: Humans are biologically designed to be carnivorous, so how did we get to red meat causing cancer?)South China Morning Post
06.10.2015Go with the flow: Discovery of water on Mars raises fundamental questions about life, the universe and everythingSouth China Morning Post
17.09.2015Full subsidies for kindergarten education would improve their status and boost learning in Hong KongSouth China Morning Post
27.08.2015Raise the tax on petrol to help clean up Hong Kong's airSouth China Morning Post
17.08.2015The miracle of lifeSouth China Morning Post
14.03.2015Students need to learn how to enjoy eating for healthSouth China Morning Post
18.11.2014Hong Kong academics must do more to justify taxpayers’ money spent on researchSouth China Morning Post
09.09.2014Online social networks helping mainland students adapt to Hong Kong lifeSouth China Morning Post
26.08.2014The sad lot of Hong Kong's slaughterhouse animals (Online version: Death of a dog on the MTR tracks shows up our selective sympathy)South China Morning Post
29.07.2014Open Mind (Online version: teaching critical thinking helps children develop an open mind)South China Morning Post
05.07.2014Earth at risk(Online version: Opponents of runway plan should look beyond the dolphins to see the wider harm)South China Morning Post
24.06.2014Chinese medicinal folk tales endanger world's pangolins (Online version: Put Chinese 'medicinal' products to the test, for sake of rare species)South China Morning Post
19.05.2014Don't let rigid entrance criteria keep talent out of Hong Kong universitiesSouth China Morning Post
02.04.2014Eating Disorder (Online version: Public ignorance, not trans-fats, the real problem with our daily diets)South China Morning Post
15.03.2014Naturally tasty (Online Version: Addicted to meat) South China Morning Post
06.02.2014South China Morning Post
23.11.2013Truth is out there (Online version: 40 billion reasons why we may not be alone)South China Morning Post
01.10.2013The misbehaving mainland bordes of our imagination (Online version: The Case of the missing hordes of misbehaving Chinese tourists)South China Morning Post
02.07.2013War on waste(Online version:The challenge of daily waste management in Hong Kong apartments)South China Morning Post



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