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Under national security law, Hong Kong can be pro-democracy without being anti-China

South China Morning Post

Furore over DSE exam question misses the point of teaching students history

South China Morning Post

Hong Kong voted for democracy. Now protesters and victorious political parties must showcase its strengths

South China Morning Post

Protest is not just about extradition when Hong Kong youth feel they have no future and no voice

South China Morning Post

Repression begets violence and more violence. Hong Kong must give peace and reconciliation a chance

South China Morning Post

Protest is not just about extradition when Hong Kong youth feel they have no future and no voice

South China Morning Post

The national anthem law is about respect, and Hong Kong schools are already teaching that

South China Morning Post

Why reforming our education system is priority (Online version: If education reform is a priority in Singapore and Australia, why not in Hong Kong?)

South China Morning Post

Schools must train students for technological change (Online version: Technology will change society, and we need to change our schools)

South China Morning Post

港校應教學生尊重不同意見 修補社會撕裂有法


Seeds of civil society (Online version: Hong Kong schools must teach respect for different views to heal divides in society)

South China Morning Post

Students benefiting from degree subsidy must remember their debt to Hong Kong society

South China Morning Post

Make Hong Kong’s TSA test a real tool for learning, rather than one for managemen

South China Morning Post

Carrie Lam must have a clear vision for Hong Kong education

South China Morning Post

Chinese history can open the eyes of Hong Kong students, just don’t try to doctor it

South China Morning Post
20.08.2016School of Reason
(Online: Why Hong Kong schools provide an ideal platform for discussion of independence, and other contentious issues)
South China Morning Post
04.03.2016追本溯源:探究青年參與非法抗爭的意願 (莫慕貞教授、甘國臻教授)明報
25.02.2016Hong Kong faces a real risk of losing its alienated youth (online version: Discontent runs deep: Hong Kong faces a real risk of losing its alienated youth) (Professor Kerry Kennedy; Professor Magdalena Mok)South China Morning Post
05.01.2016Arthur Li's job is to oversee, intervene, at HKU (Online version: As head of HKU governing council, Arthur Li should oversee from afar and not seek to micromanage)South China Morning Post
11.11.2015Incivility reigns in Hong Kong’s civil societySouth China Morning Post
30.07.2015Universities are the new battleground for democracy in Hong KongSouth China Morning Post
06.05.2015Understanding of Basic Law holds valuable lessons for studentsSouth China Morning Post
08.04.2015Government should crack down only on hate groups (Online version: Hong Kong should crack down only on hate groups, and leave Occupy alone)South China Morning Post
15.01.2015Face the reality (Online version: Time for pan-democrats to stop mistaking wishful thinking for idealism)South China Morning Post
30.10.2014A Liberal Mind (online: Teach Basic Law in liberal studies in the true spirit of inquiry)South China Morning Post
06.10.2014In the face of Hong Kong's discontent, is waiting it out Beijing's best choice?South China Morning Post
07.04.2014Size matters (Online version: Smaller classes for some will create a more equal education system in Hong Kong)South China Morning Post
29.01.2014Respect and tolerance for all must be enshrined in Hong Kong policySouth China Morning Post
28.11.2013Five easy steps to supporting our ethnic minority studentsSouth China Morning Post
11.09.2013Attacks on teacher Alpais Lam highlight dirty politics in Hong KongSouth China Morning Post
07.08.2013High degree of discontent over university appointmentsSouth China Morning Post
28.05.2013Legco must follow top court's example and uphold rights of sexual minoritiesSouth China Morning Post
14.03.2013Overseas teaching scholarship scheme not such a bright ideaSouth China Morning Post
03.01.2013One-track mind (Headline for online version: Fairer refugee processing would benefit Hong Kong)South China Morning Post
22.11.2012Time to begin the debate on gay rightsSouth China Morning Post
02.10.2012Patriotism, Hong Kong styleSouth China Morning Post



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