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Professor Leonard Chan’s Book Wins the Tenth Hong Kong Book Prize

Professor Leonard Chan's Book Wins the Tenth Hong Kong Book Prize

Hong Kong in Its History of Lyricism, a book written by Professor Leonard Chan Kwok-kou, Chair Professor of Chinese Literature and Director of Research Centre for Chinese Literature and Literary Culture (RCCLLC) at The Education University of Hong Kong, won the Tenth Hong Kong Book Prize organised by the Culture and Education Unit of Radio Television Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Publishing Federation. Launched in 2007, the Hong Kong Book Prize aims to promote quality reading and recognise outstanding Chinese language books published in Hong Kong. The book was previously selected as one of the Top 10 Books (non-fiction) of 2016 by Yazhou Zhoukan.

Professor Chan has lectured widely in the Czech Republic, the USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and mainland China. Besides literary works, he is also the Chief Editor of the 12-volume Compendium of Hong Kong Literature 1919-1949 (《香港文學大系》). In Hong Kong in Its History of Lyricism, Professor Chan reviews Hong Kong’s history from a literary perspective and discovers its unique landscape. While it has close cultural ties with mainland China, Hong Kong has also been deeply shaped by the West, which has allowed the development of rich and diverse literatures that are worthy of our admiration and preservation. 

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