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Exploring Education "Public Lectures on Teaching and Learning": Mindfulness training for promoting parent-child relationship

Hong Kong people encounter many pressures but many do not know how to cope with pressures and the related negative emotions, which endangers their health and inter-personal relationship. This workshop cultivates parents’ mindfulness and helps them to reduce pressure, relax themselves, enhance self-awareness and self-kindness, improve life quality and develop positive harmonious parent-child relationship.

Conducted in Cantonese. Free admission by reservation. Reservation for the talk starts on 20 September 2019 (Friday) and can be registered online ( or made by calling the library. Seats are limited. Each person may reserve only one seat for each talk. First-come-first-served.



  • Organiser
    • Library
  • Date
    • 2019-10-05 ~ 2019-10-05
  • Time
    • 16:00 ~ 17:30
  • Venue
    • Extension Activities Room, Tsuen Wan Public Library
  • Tel
    • 2490 3891

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