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Positive Education Conference: Cultivate the Visible Wellbeing Cum I-WELL’s 2nd Anniversary Ceremony

Positive Education Conference: Cultivate the Visible Wellbeing Cum I-WELL’s 2nd Anniversary Ceremony

Objectives of the Conference

The Department of Special Education and Counselling (SEC) is launching Positive Education Conference: Cultivate the Visible Wellbeing on 20 June 2018Academic, clinical experts, psychologists, educational practitioners and parents are very welcome to join us. The Conference intends to give you insights into the promotion of education, with a focus on the cultivation of “the visible wellbeing” and to give you ideas of applying such principles in schools, homes and community. Particularly, we would like to take this special event to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Integrated Centre for Wellbeing (I-WELL).

The theme of “the visible wellbeing” is grounded upon the research of Professor Lea Waters from the University of Melbourne. In the Conference, this theme is intertwined with the research findings of positive psychology, psychological wellbeing, mindfulness and pedagogy of positive education. It aims to:

  • enhance individuals’ awareness of the importance of wellbeing in self and others at different settings of home, schools and community;
  • develop wellbeing through positive education; and
  • live, embed and embody “the visible wellbeing” in teaching and learning.

Promotion of “the Visible Wellbeing”

SEC is committed to the promotion of positive education through teacher training. For example, since 2014, SEC has provided the Professional Development Program on Positive Psychology in School Settings: Promoting Mental Health and Creating Positive Learning Environment for teachers from primary and secondary schools. The contents cover three key areas : (1) positive psychology and the wellbeing of educators and school administrators, under which the principles of positive psychology and strategies in promoting wellness are introduced ; (2) mental health for teachers and students, under which stress-management strategies, early identification and intervention are dealt with; and (3) pedagogy for positive education, under which teachers are equipped with skills in the curriculum integration and its implementation in the classroom.  

Also, a course on Positive Education for Wellbeing in Everyday Life is offered as an elective under the domain of General Education. The course participants are encouraged to put through their learning in everyday life and actively participate in social engagement and voluntary services. It is intended to seed “the visible wellbeing” in the hearts of the students, which could make a life-long impact on their lives.

To further enhance holistic wellbeing in families and the community, SEC established I-WELL in 2016, under the full support of the Faculty of Education and Human Development (FEHD) and the University. Working closely with SEC and FEHD, I-WELL is dedicated to the support of parents and teachers, aimed at helping them develop a positive and optimistic mindset while they live in fast-paced and stress-intensifying living environments. To put this goal into practice, I-WELL works together with a team of full-time professional colleagues and external experts with clinical experience and scientific research knowledge to facilitate the holistic wellbeing of children, adolescents and their families. In past two years, I-WELL has collaborated with over 70 schools, NGOs and professional organizations to provide consultancy service on research projects, clinical assessments, intervention programs, counselling service and community education.

In 2017-18, I-WELL was commissioned by the Education Bureau of the HKSARG as the provider of the program on Mental Health Promotion at Schools and Supporting Students with Mental Health Needs. Over 250 teachers attended this program to advance their knowledge and skills in the promotion of positive education and mental health in their schools, as one of the program objectives statedAlso, I-WELL was sponsored by CITIC Pacific Limited to launch the donation project of I-Believe! Walk with Parents: Evidence-based Integrated Education Program. This on-going project provides speech therapy and learning support to 30 children, aged 3-8, with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). The support is extended to these children’s parents who are invited to attend 10 sessions of workshops on personal growth and parenting skills in ASD support. We are so excited to see that the program has made significant impacts on the improvement of the children’s social and emotional skills, the parent-child relationships and the parents’ understanding of their own parenting styles and skills.

Conference website:

Online application:

  • Date
    • 2018-06-20
  • Time
    • 09:45 ~ 16:00
  • Venue
    • EdUHK Tai Po Campus
  • Tel
    • (852) 2948 8671

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