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Public Lecture 2018 - The English you didn't learn in School VI: Pragmatics: How do we speak appropriately and politely?

Almost everyone remembers studying English in school. For the most part in Hong Kong, that memory is of learning grammar, vocabulary, and how to read and write. Although you may have some pleasant memories of learning English in school, it was probably mostly hard work. Yet, after all that studying, you may still be somewhat dissatisfied with your ability to speak and understand English. This is partly because learning a foreign language is a lifelong endeavor. However, your dissatisfaction may also be because there was something missing in your education. Because language is composed of so many components and nuances, it is impossible to teach everything in school. Thus, the present lecture series provides participants with a taste for some of the other aspects of language learning that are seldom taught in school. Although it is impossible to fill in all those gaps in your learning on a few Saturday mornings, we hope to provide you with some insight about English and language learning in general.

3 March 2018Idioms: Revealing the Color of English Expressions (repeated from 2013)Paul Stapleton
10 March 2018A bit of Funology: Phonological issues at the level of the sentence (repeated from 2015)David Coniam
17 March 2018Pragmatics: How do we speak appropriately and politely? (repeated from 2013)Wang Lixun
24 March 2018English of the future and the future of English (new)John Trent
7 April 2018What’s in a Word? History and culture as reflected in English Vocabulary (repeated from 2014)Tim Taylor

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  • Organiser
    • Department of English Language Education
  • Date
    • 2018-03-17
  • Time
    • 09:45 ~ 12:00
  • Venue
    • Lady Ivy Wu Lecture Theatre (D1-LP-04), EdUHK Taipo Campus
  • Tel
    • (852) 2948 7424

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