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Professor Leung Bo-wah Named President-Elect of the International Society for Music Education

Professor Leung Bo-wah, Head of Department of Cultural and Creative Arts and Director of Research Centre for Transmission of Cantonese Opera at The Education University of Hong Kong, was elected President-elect of the International Society for Music Education (ISME) on 6 August 2020. His presidency will last for six years until 2026.

Since joining the ISME in 1996, Professor Leung has served for more than two decades. He was elected thrice as a board member for 2004-06, 2010-12 and 2012-14. In addition to serving as the commissioner and chair of the Music in Schools and Teacher Education Commission for 2002-08, as well as the commissioner and co-chair of the Research Commission for 2010-16, he was appointed co-editor of the International Journal of Music Education (IJME), published by ISME, for 2012-18. At present, Professor Leung is chair of the Asia-Pacific regional conference, namely, the Asia-Pacific Symposium for Music Education Research, and will be the third ISME President from Asia after two Japanese predecessors since 1953. 

Formed at a conference convened by UNESCO in 1953, the ISME is affiliated with UNESCO. Currently, it is the largest worldwide music education organisation, with members from over 80 countries. In addition to hosting biannual world conferences in different countries, it organises regional conferences in the Asia-Pacific, European, Pan-African, Pan-American and South-Asian regions, with seven special commissions and one forum in different dedicated areas of music education.