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[alt:en]EdUHK’s Scoops Three Silver Awards in Geneva’s Invention Expo[alt:tc]教大三項目獲國際發明展銀獎[alt:sc]

EdUHK’s Scoops Three Silver Awards in Geneva’s Invention Expo

In the first participation of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) in the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, all three of its projects took Silver Awards. The three education technology (EdTech) projects covered STEM, special education and environmental education, which resulted in breakthroughs in classroom teaching and home learning.

Professor Lui Tai-lok, Vice President (Research and Development) of EdUHK, sent his heartfelt congratulations on the winning units. “EdUHK is committed to broadening the scope of disciplines and fostering multi-disciplinary research,” he said. “As a first-time participant in this international exhibition, winning several awards proves that the development of inspiring and innovative knowledge can contribute to both the education sector and the wider community.”

Winning projects

(1) Mobile Logger for Self-Regulated STEM Education – Principal Investigator: Professor Yeung Yau-yuen, Department of Science and Environmental Studies

This is a low-cost education kit of hardware components, software and instructional materials to give students hands-on experience building a versatile data-logging device to conduct scientific experiments or field-trip activities. The multi-purpose, pedagogy-embedded apparatus allows students to assemble or modify the device as a key component of STEM education to enhance scientific inquiry and collaborative learning.

(2) Plastic Resources Education: 3Rs & 3Cs – Principal Investigators: Dr Stephen Chow Cheuk-fai and Professor Winnie So Wing-mui, Department of Science and Environmental Studies

This is a world-first “education + technology + practical recycling” package for primary schools, which addresses the lack of appropriate education kits for teaching how to prevent and deal with plastic waste. It includes a novel 8-in-1 recycling bin and employs EdTech in an educational and practical kit that can improve pupils’ knowledge, attitude and behaviour about the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) and the 3Cs (cleaning, classification and compression) of plastic waste in schools.

(3) Play-Based AR Training Kit for ADHD Children – Principal Investigator: Dr Leung Chi-Hung, Department of Special Education and Counselling

This novel play-based EdTech is for executive function (EF) training of ADHD children in the classroom.  It is a technologised system, which consists of localised training manuals, teaching materials and an assessment model for conducting small group play-based learning in the classroom. The system can provide on-going assessment and self-learning algorithms and generate new assessment norms for executing functions for ADHD children and even children with multi-SEN.

Mobile Logger for Self-Regulated STEM Education 
 Plastic Resources Education: 3Rs & 3Cs
   Play Based AR Training Kit for ADHD Children