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Our ‘Kazakademic’: Bozymbekova Kuralay

Our ‘Kazakademic’: Bozymbekova Kuralay

Straddling the great plains between Russia and the Caucasus, Kazakhstan seems a world away from Hong Kong. Yet the world’s 9th largest country shares a considerable border with China and is becoming increasingly known to Hongkongers because of its participation in the “One Belt One Road” initiative.  

Thanks to the UGC-funded PhD Fellowship Scheme, Bozymbekova Kuralay from Kazakhstan is studying moral and citizenship education at The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). 

Kuralay has an international academic background. She received her Bachelor’s degree in the UK and her Master’s degree in South Korea, before returning to Kazakhstan as an English instructor at Nazarbayev University. “I found out about the chance to pursue my PhD study in Hong Kong when EdUHK academics visited my University. It sounded great – Hong Kong is a place where East meets West”, Kuralay said. 

“I was born into a teaching family. In our education system, teachers are often blamed for not bringing up children properly when problems arise. However, I think that moral education is not well structured in Kazakhstan’s curriculum. My research focuses on teachers’ beliefs and practices in Kazakhstan. By conducting large studies, I hope that I can make a difference in the moral education of my country”, Kuralay added. “My research requires travelling abroad. The PhD Fellowship Scheme enables greater flexibility for me to carry out exchanges internationally.”  

Kuralay’s aims and work fit perfectly with those of the Faculty of Education and Human Development – helping the community by raising the standard and impact of everything we do to the next level.