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New International Tutors on board

New International Tutors on board

The International Tutor Team 2017/18 includes new faces from Finland, Germany, Mali, the Netherlands, Poland, and the US, apart from a returning tutor from Ukraine.

The tutors are multilingual with rich cultural exposure and backgrounds that not only help EdUHK students enhance their English language abilities but also enrich their cultural sensitivity and understanding.

A series of cultural and academic workshops – covering topics such as culture and traditions of different countries or cities, resume writing, things to note for job interviews and training on IELTs listening, reading, speaking and writing – have been held since mid-September and will continue to run until early December. Beyond the workshops, the tutors offer one-hour consultations throughout the week, an ongoing book club, English Cafés every day, and a Buddy Scheme programme.

Established in 2014/15, the International Tutor Scheme recruits overseas university graduates to join local students in different forms of language learning activities, co-curricular activities and intercultural events on campus. These resident international tutors form part of the tutorial teams in facilitating and building up the English language environment in student halls and generating more opportunities for students to practise speaking English.


(From left)

  • Juho from Finland, familiar with East-Asian cultures
  • Selvi from Germany but of Turkish origin
  • Senior International Tutor serving since 2016/17, Sasha from Ukraine speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English
  • Oliver from West Coast of the US has exchange experience in Hong Kong and Beijing and job experience in various sectors
  • Dilan from the Netherlands but of Turkish origin
  • Hanna from Poland, has worked and studied in England, Greece and Egypt and visited 20 other countries
  • Belinda from the East Coast of the US speaks English and Spanish
  • Indi from Mali speaks English, French, Japanese, Korean and Bambara