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Mr Chow Yat-tung

Mr Chow Yat-tung, Senior Research Assistant, The Academy of Hong Kong Studies

執筆之時(6月15日晚上),傳來壞消息,一名男子在太古廣場外,掛上反對修訂《逃犯條例》的橫額,及後從高處墮下,最終不治... ...
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Professor Kerry Lee

Professor Kerry Lee, Professor, Department of Early Childhood Education

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Dr Paul Stapleton

Dr Paul Stapleton, Research Associate Professor, Department of English Language Education

The coverage of the protest rally this past Sunday reveals some interesting ways in which numbers are manipulated by members of both sides of the debate, as well as the media, in order to swing the public in a desired direction...
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Frank Wong Ka-ho

Mr Frank Wong Ka-ho, Research Assistant, Department of Social Sciences

莫迪政府致力與美俄建立戰略關係,期望能更有效地抗衡中國。同時,印度採取「搖擺國」政策,避免過度依賴單一大國,保持戰略自主性... ...
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Dr Kris Hartley

Dr Kris Hartley, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian and Policy Studies

Urbanisation cannot be stopped, but this does not excuse governments for failing to address air pollution. With considerable resources and capacity for nationwide policy coordination, China should be leading the way in developing a sustainable approach to urbanization that can serve as a regional and even global example...
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