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University Governance
University Governance

University Governance

The Chancellor of the University is the Chief Executive of Hong Kong. The Education University of Hong Kong Ordinance makes provision for an executive governing body, the Council.

Council Members  
Chairman Professor Frederick MA Si-hang, GBS, JP
Deputy Chairman Mr Dieter YIH, JP
Treasurer Ms Susanna CHIU Lai-kuen, MH, JP
Members Professor Chetwyn CHAN Che-hin
  Ms Sylvia CHAN May-kuen
  Mrs Viola CHAN MAN Yee-wai, BBS
  Dr Anissa CHAN WONG Lai-kuen, BBS, MH, JP
  Dr Haywood CHEUNG
  Dr CHIU Cheung-ki
  Mr Tony CHOI Siu-chow, JP
  Professor Horace IP Ho-shing, MH
  Ms Imma LING Kit-sum
  Professor LUI Hon-kwong 
  Dr Grace POON Wing-kit
  Professor Stephen CHEUNG Yan-leung, BBS, JP, Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques, President
  Professor John LEE Chi-kin, JP, Vice President (Academic)
  Professor LUI Tai-lok, Vice President (Research and Development)
Public Officer Mrs Michelle WONG YAU Wai-ching, JP
Elected Staff Representatives Dr KWOK Ping-wai
  Ms Loretta LEUNG Mee-kuen
  Mr LI Chin-wa
Representatives nominated by Professor Robert Damian ADAMSON
the Academic Board Professor May CHENG May-hung
  Professor Joanne CHUNG Wai-yee
Student Member Mr Cheung Yam
Member and Secretary Ms Sarah WONG Man-yee, Vice President (Administration)

Governance Report (extracted from Annual Report 2016-2017)