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Experts at EdUHK
  • Professor WOO, Chi Keung

    Energy Economics / Applied Microeconomics
  • Professor WOOD, Laurence

    Fine Art practice with emphasis on painting, drawing and printmaking
  • Professor WU, Shiu Sun Rudolf

    Environmental science and management / Marine ecology / Marine pollution / Ecotoxicology
  • Professor YEUNG, Yau Yuen

    Computational Science (Atomic Physics, condensed matter, learning theory) / Science Education (Physics Education, nature of Science, peer assessment, attitudes towards Science) / Social Network Analysis in Education / Information and Communications Technology in Education (Web-based learning, ICT-mediated experiments; open-source software, virtual reality & 3D visualization)
  • Professor YU, Kwan Wai Eric

    Romantic poetry / Gothic fiction / Travel literature / Comparative literature / Film studies
  • Professor YU, Wai Mui Christina

    Career and Life Planning Education / Field Experience in Teacher Education / Competence Development / Business, Entrepreneurship and Personal Financial Education / Pedagogical Strategies and Online Learning Activities
  • Professor ZHU, Qingzhi

    Buddhist Chinese (language of Chinese Buddhist text) / Chinese historical philology / Historical Chinese linguistics