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Experts at EdUHK
  • Professor HUE, Ming Tak

    School Guidance and Counselling / School discipline/ Ethnic minority education
  • Professor JARVIS, Darryl Stuart

    International and political risks / Comparative public policy / Regulation, infrastructure, and the political economy of investment into Asia
  • Professor JIM, Chi Yung, BH, JP

    Urban ecology / Urban forestry / Urban soil science / Urban climatology / Urban green infrastructure / Green roofs / Green walls (vertical greening) / Natural and artificial turf / Urban nature conservation
  • Professor KENNEDY, Kerry John

    Citizenship education / Curriculum policy and theory
  • Professor KONG, Siu Cheung

    IT in Mathematics Education / Pedagogy in the Digital Classroom / Information Literacy Education / IT in Science and Inquiry-Based Learning / Policy on Technology-Transformed Education / Professional development of Teacher for Learner-Centered Learning in Seamless Learning Environments
  • Professor LEE, Chi Kin John, JP

    Curriculum and instruction / Geographical and environmental education / School improvement
  • Professor LEE, Kerry

    Mathematical achievement / Working memory / Development of executive functioning
  • Professor LEUNG, Bo Wah

    Creativity in music / Music curriculum development / Motivation in composing & learning music / Transmission of Cantonese opera in Hong Kong / Transformative learning
  • Professor LI, Wai Keung

    Time series analysis and financial risk management / Environmental statistics