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Experts at EdUHK
  • Professor CHIU, Ming Ming

    Learning analytics / Group processes / Inequality / Corruption / Online sexual predators
  • Professor CHIU, Wing Kai Stephen

    Sociological studies of Hong Kong and East Asian development / Social inequality / Youth / Social movement / Film industry
  • Professor CHOU, Kee Lee

    Geriatric psychiatry / elderly-related policies / population policy especially immigrant policy/ poverty, welfare reform, income, educational, as well as health inequality and health policy
  • Professor CHOW, Hung Kay Daniel

    Movement Analysis / Spine Biomechanics / Ergonomics / Sports Health
  • Professor CHUNG, Kien Hoa Kevin

    Assessment and instruction / Cognitive neuroscience of language / Developmental dyslexia / Learning difficulties / Literacy acquisition
  • Professor CONIAM, David

    Language assessment / Language teaching methodology / Computer assisted language learning
  • Professor HALSE, Christine

    The sociology of intercultural relations / Students and teachers’ intercultural learning / Ethnic minorities, international students, and exclusion in schools / International and multicultural education / Doctoral education / Research ethics policy and practice
  • Professor HARRIS, Paul Gordon

    Global environmental governance / International relations and global studies