E-Learning in Higher Education Seminar Day cum Open Class Observation

The event is categorized as part of the Certificate Course “Introduction to Teaching in Higher Education”, under the Theme "Seminars/Workshops in Learning and Teaching".

To further cultivate a sharing and research culture on Learning and Teaching (L&T) environment in HKIEd, a series of activities including seminar day and open class observation will be launched by The Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (LTTC) working with Faculties, Departments and School in the Semester II of 2015/16. The L&T event with focus on “E-Learning in Higher Education” will be integrated with the conference “Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education 2016 (GCCCE2016)”.


Serves as a platform for colleagues and postgraduates to exchange novel ideas and share their experiences internally in “e-Learning in Higher Education” and identify ones for further discussion and development toward best practices.

Provides opportunities for colleagues and postgraduates to exchange their experiences, good practice examples and challenges with external parties such as colleagues from other local university on the area of “e-Learning in Higher Education”.

Keeps colleagues and postgraduates updated in the latest technologies and pedagogies development in higher education.

Seminar Day

Seminar Day

The seminar will include keynote presentations and sharing from HKIEd and other local universities. Presenters will share and discuss on e-Learning in Higher Education. Colleagues and students are welcome to join the seminar.

Date: 24 May 2016 (Tuesday)

Time: 9:30am – 4:15pm

Venue: D2-LP-05

Programme (Tentative)

Morning Session
9:30-9:35 Opening
9:35-9:40 Opening Remark
Prof. LEE Chi Kin John (VP[AC], HKIEd)
9:40-9:45 Introducing the Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology
Prof. KONG Siu Cheung (LTTC, HKIEd)
9:45-10:30 Section I (Keynote Speech)
Initiatives to Advance E-Learning at Institutional Level
Prof. POON Wai Yin Isabella (CUHK)
10:30-11:00 Refreshment
  Section II (Emerging Practices in Faculties)
Online Discussion with the Moodle Plugin "Participation Forum"
Mr. Brant KNUTZEN (C&I, HKIEd)

Enhancing HKIEd Students' IELTS and General Vocabulary through Incorporating E-Learning into English Enhancement Courses
Dr. LEUNG Pui Wan Pamela (CHL & CLE, HKIEd)
Dr. TSE Ching Yee Amelia (CLE, HKIEd)

Developing a Corpus-based Online Pronunciation Learning System for Cantonese Learners of English and Mandarin
Dr. CHEN Hsueh Chu Rebecca (LML, HKIEd)


E-Learning: A Blessing or a Burden?
Dr. OR Pui Lai Peggy (HPE, HKIEd)

Visual Explanations in Mathematics and E-Learning

1:00-2:00 Lunch Break
Afternoon Session

Section III (Sharing of Practices on E-Learning)

Bilingual Text Mining in Moodle Platform
Prof. KONG Siu Cheung (LTTC, HKIEd)

Exploring Academic Integrity and Ethics on Mobile Learning Trails
Dr. Theresa KWONG (HKBU)

Video Based Learning Objects for Supporting the Learning Diversity Encountered Among Freshmen
Dr. MAK Kin Wah Kendrew (CUHK)

Blended Learning for Building Student-Teachers’ Capacity to Learn and Teach Science-related Interdisciplinary Subjects
Dr. LEE Yeung Chung (SES, HKIEd)
Prof. LAU Kwok Chi Victor (CUHK)
Dr. YIP Wing Yan Valerie (HKU)

3:00-3:30 Refreshment
3:30-4:15 Section IV (Keynote Speech)
Beware Unproductive Success in Higher Education
Prof. KAPUR Manu (PS, HKIEd)

Open Class Observation

Open Class Observation

To promote the professional sharing and exchange of e-Learning pedagogy practices, academics are invited to deliver open class observations. Ten open class observations were offered by Faculties and Departments from March to April 2016.

Brain Science and the Ethics of Life and Death - Dr. Sin Wai Lam William

Tutor: Dr Sin Wai Lam William (IELL)
Date: 11 Mar 2016
Time: 2:40-3:40pm
Venue: B4-LP-11
Course Code: GED2020/GEH2020
Course Title: Brain Science and the Ethics of Life and Death
Medium of Instruction: English
Topic: Summary of Blogging Activities
Quota: (on-line registration) 5
Brief Introduction: Each group of students have been writing blogs in the last few weeks. On this lesson, some of the groups will come out to give a summary of what they in their blogs. The topics of the blogs involve various issues in applied ethics, including animal ethics, abortion, and euthanasia. After that, the lecturer will give a lecture on animal ethics. Observers are welcome to stay in both sessions (blogging summary and lecture).

Honours Project I (Part B) - Dr. Wong Wai Ho Savio

Tutor: Dr Wong Wai Ho Savio (SEC)
Date: 12 Mar 2016
Time: 12:30-3:20pm
Venue: D3-LP-15
Course Code: HPI2006-02E
Course Title: Honours Project I (Part B)
Medium of Instruction: English
Topic: Qualitative Research Methods
Quota: (on-line registration) 10
Brief Introduction: The Honours Project I (HPI) is a research method course which aims to equip students with the foundation knowledge of different research skills. In this year, HPI adopts a flipped classroom approach in which students have to read/watch the assigned materials/videos on the web and completet some hand-on classwork during the face-to-face tutorials. In this tutorial, students will try out the different qualitative research methods and evaluate their suitability in conducting their HP.

Early Experience in Putonghua - Dr. Hu Xinyun Annie

Tutor: Dr Hu Xinyun Annie (ECE)
Date: 14 Mar 2016
Time: 7:00-8:30pm
Venue: B1-LP-02
Course Code: ECE3056
Course Title: Early Experience in Putonghua
Medium of Instruction: Putonghua
Topic: Design e-Book for Young Children in Learning Putonghua
Quota: (on-line registration) 4
Brief introduction: In this session, students will be guided to understand how e-Books can be integrated in Putonghua learning activities. The tools for creating e-Books will be introduced to students. Students will create their own e-Books and share their activity design.

危機管理與學校保險 (Crises Management and Insurance in School) - Dr. Chan Tsan Ming Kenneth

Tutor: Dr Chan Tsan Ming Kenneth (EPL)
Date: 15 Mar 2016
Time: 09:30am-12:20pm (with 10 minutes break at about 11:00)
Venue: D4-G-01
Course Code: EDA 5021
Course Title: The Middle Leader in Action
Medium of Instruction: Cantonese
Topic: 危機管理與學校保險 (Crises Management and Insurance in School)
Quota: (on-line registration) 15
Brief introduction:
1. An simulated exercise based on a hypothetical scenario about school crises will be conducted with course participants acting as different school staff and students;
2. An open discussion will be held to evaluate the handling skills;
3. A presentation about emergency responses in HK with relation to school administration as well as school insurance will be conducted.

Healthy Living - Dr. Cheang Chi Chiu

Tutor: Dr. Cheang Chi Chiu (SES)
Date: 16 Mar 2016
Time: 4:30-7:20pm
Venue: B2-LP-21
Course Code: HCS1009
Course Title: Healthy Living
Medium of Instruction: English
Topic: Environmental Health
Quota: (on-line registration) 5
Brief introduction: The aim of teaching/learning activity is to equip the students with the concept of health risk assessment and management through the online moodle platform. The instantaneously-responded exercise and survey mediated by moodle would enhance students’ comprehension on how to evaluate risk and decide appropriate management actions to minimalize health risk.

Successful Test Making For Teachers (MEd) - Dr. Yan Zi

Tutor: Dr Yan Zi (C&I)
Date: 18 Mar 2016
Time: 6:30-9:30pm
Venue: D4-G/F-01
Course Code: CUI6122
Course Title: Successful Test Making For Teachers (MEd)
Medium of Instruction: Cantonese
Topic: Scale Development and Factor Analysis
Quota: (on-line registration) 3
Brief Introduction:
1) Concept and steps in developing self-report scales; and
2) Factor analysis using SPSS

Effective Integration of Information Technology in Scientific Inquiry - Dr. Yeung Chi Ho Bill

Tutor: Dr. Yeung Chi Ho Bill (SES)
Date: 19 Mar 2016
Time: 10:15-1:00pm
Venue: D3-LP-06 (Physics Laboratory)
Course Code: SCG5019 (BWP109)
Course Title: Effective Integration of Information Technology in Scientific Inquiry
Medium of Instruction: Cantonese
Topic: Introduction to Computer Simulations in Science Education
Quota: (on-line registration) 5
Brief introduction: The open class is the first lesson of a professional development program offered for in-service secondary school science teachers. During the lesson, the lecturer will briefly describe the values of computer simulations in science education, and then introduce a simulation software called Molecular Workbench, which is an easy platform to construct physics, chemistry and biology simulations. Participant teachers will learn to use the software to develop simulated science experiments suitable for teaching in secondary schools.

Creative Musicking - Dr. Leung Chi-hin Michael

Tutor: Dr Leung Chi-hin Michael (CCA)
Date: 24 Mar 2016
Time: 2:30-3:50pm
Venue: B1-G/F-02
Course Code: MUS1248
Course Title: Creative Musicking
Medium of Instruction: English
Topic: Discussion and Tutor Feedback on Group Creative Musicking Project Performance
Quota: (on-line registration) 5
Brief introduction : The lecturer will apply the student response system “Socrative” to facilitate the real time discussion and peer assessment of students’ music performance. Participated colleagues may install the app “Socrative Student” on your own device (e.g. smart phone or tablet) and bring it to class.
Download the app here: http://www.socrative.com/apps.php

Practical Legal Knowledge for Schools - Mr. Chong Yiu Kwong

Tutor: Mr Chong Yiu Kwong (EPL)
Date: 12 April 2016
Time: 9:30am-12:20pm
Venue: B4-LP-13
Course Code: EDA 5041
Course Title: Practical Legal Knowledge for Schools
Medium of Instruction: Chinese
Topic: Campus Tour & Law
Quota: (on-line registration) 10
Brief introduction: By walking in Tai Po campus, facilitating participants to identify and discuss various issues relating to practical legal knowledge.

Contemporary Literature in English - Dr. Clapp Jeffrey Michael

Tutor: Dr Clapp Jeffrey Michael (LCS)
Date: 22 Apr 2016
Time: 10:30am-1:20pm
Venue: B2-LP-12
Course Code: ENG2275
Course Title: Contemporary Literature in English
Medium of Instruction: English
Topic: Experiment and Performance in Contemporary English Literature
Quota: (on-line registration) 10
Brief introduction :
In this class session we will be:
-reading excerpts from Against Expression: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing;
-defining and contextualizing conceptual writing and exploring some writing exercises; and
-finalizing preparations for the summative Final Paper for this class.

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