Name Position Email Contact No. Room No.
Dr CHIN, Chi On Andy Head of Department/ Associate Professor andychin 2948-7780 B4-1/F-36
Dr KATAOKA, Shin Associate Head of Department/ Assistant Professor kataoka 2948-7257 B4-2/F-28
Dr LIU, Fung Ming Christy Associate Head of Department/ Assistant Professor liufm 2948-7887 B4-1/F-33
Prof CHEUNG, Hin Tat Professor hintat 2948-7185 B4-2/F-02
Dr CHEN, Hsueh Chu Rebecca Associate Professor hsuehchu 2948-7376 B4-1/F-04
Dr LEE, Fung King Jackie Associate Professor jfklee 2948-8402 B4-2/F-05
Dr MA, Qing Angel Associate Professor maqing 2948-8593 B4-1/F-41
Dr WANG, Lixun Associate Professor lixun 2948-7235 B3-2/F-36
Dr LAU, Chaak Ming Assistant Professor lchaakming 2948-7280 B4-2/F-27
Dr LEE, Kwing Lok Albert Assistant Professor albertlee 2948-7961 B4-2/F-01
Dr LUK, Pei Sui Zoe Assistant Professor psluk 2948-7570 B3-1/F-23
Dr XIE, Qin Assistant Professor qxie 2948-8368 B4-2/F-12
Dr AU, Ching Pong Lecturer I achingpong 2948-7371 B3-1/F-09
Dr MAK, Ho Yan Sabina Lecturer I shymak 2948-7951 B3-2/F-38
Ms MOULIMOIS, Alice Lecturer I moulimoisal 2948-7254 B3-1/F-09
Ms CHAN, Wing Shan Esme Lecturer II wingshchan 2948-7903 B4-1/F-01
Mr CHEN, Charles Chun Jr Lecturer II charleschenjr 2948-7902 B4-1/F-01