About the tutors

Diariata Ba

Hi everyone! My name is Diariata but you can call me Daya. I come from Paris but I was born in Senegal, a former French colony located in Africa’s west coast. I moved to France when I was only one year old so I do not actually remember my life there.However, I am still culturally close to my country of origin as my parents taught me and educated me so that I always remember where I come from. I have a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, Linguistics and Culture. Therefore I am very keen on all types of British or American Arts. For my gap semester I went to South Korea and Japan to teach French. Now here I am in the Department of Linguistics and Modern Language Studies as a French International Tutor! Victor is the other French International Tutor, and together we plan to organise a lot of collaborative events such as a cooking workshop related to French cuisine, French cultural workshops and also French movie festivals. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Victor Montagne

Hello everyone! Bonjour à tous! I am Victor. I was born in the centre of France and grew up in an artist’s family in a region surrounded by nature, where you can eat delicious cheese and meat. I studied Cinema and passed my Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Communication. I also studied coding for website. I love travelling. I lived for one year in South Korea to learn Korean. I am really curious about foreign cultures and I like to talk about our differences. I am deeply convinced that knowing other cultures opens our mind, allows us to think differently and erases our prejudice. In collaboration with the other French Tutor Daya, we will try our best to make you discover French culture through different events that we will organise. We plan to help you discover different aspects of French culture like food, cinema, language, music, etc. So, let’s meet soon. I look forward to showing you different aspects about my country and learn about yours.