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Prof YU, Kwan Wai Eric

Prof YU, Kwan Wai Eric


Scholarly Books, Monographs and Chapters

  • YU, K.W.E. (2011). "007 in Late Colonial Hong Kong: Technology, Masculinity, and Sly Humour in Stephen Chow's From Beijing with Love". In V.P.Y. Lee (Ed.), East Asian Cinemas: Regional Flows and Global Transformations (87-102). New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • YU, K.W.E. (2010). "A Traditional Vengeful Ghost or the Machine in a Ghost? Narrative Dynamics, Horror Effects, and the Posthuman in Ringu". In S. Hessel, & M. Huppert (Eds.), Fear Itself (97-112). Amsterdam: Rodopi.
  • YU, K.W.E. (2010). "High Concept and Cinematic Style in the Infernal Affairs Trilogy". In Y. Pasadeos (Ed.), Advances in Communication and Mass Media Research (483-494). Athens: ATINER.
  • YU, K.W.E. (2010). "Stone Face, Noirness, and Visual Pleasure: A Preliminary Study of the Lone Hitman Film". In Y.C. Lee, & P.C. Feng (Eds.), Beyond Tunnel Vision (123-148). Taipei: Bookman.
  • YU, K.W.E. (2007). "Fantasy, Predestination, and Iterability: The Myth of Love in Dracula and Message in a Bottle". In Y.H. Chou, & P.C. Feng (Eds.), Visual Modern and its Other (255-279). Taipei: Bookman.

Journal Publications


  • Wang, L., Chen, H.C., Lee, C.K.J., Yu, K.W.E. & Tian, J. (2022). “Investigation of technology-enhanced language learning and teaching e-resources/tools in the online context”. International Journal of Computer-Assisted Language Learning and Teaching, 12(1), 1-21.
  • Chan, K.K.S., Lee, J.C.K., Yu, E.K.W., et al. (2022). “The impact of compassion from others and self-compassion on psychological distress, flourishing, and meaning in life among university students.” Mindfulness. 13(6), 1490-1498.

  • 余君偉 (2021):從許冠文作品看1970年代香港喜劇電影的現代化、諧星形象及觀賞心理 (Modernization of Hong Kong comedy film in the 1970s, comedic persona, and psychology of viewing: A preliminary study based on Michael Hui Koon-man's works) ,《高雄師大學報:人文與藝術類》(Kaohsiung Normal University Journal: Arts and Humanities),51,1-19。

  • 余君偉(2019):論一九七零年代香港城市詩的特色:以舒巷城、羈魂及梁秉鈞為例 (Hong Kong Urban Poetry in the 1970s: Shu Xiangcheng, Ji Hun, and Leung Ping-kwan as Prime Examples),《東海中文學報 (Tunghai Journal of Chinese Literature)》,37,83-128。
  • 余君偉(2017):西詩及西詩中譯對漢語新詩的影響:以馮至與卞之琳為例(The Influence of Western Poetry and its Chinese Translation on Modern Chinese Poetry: Feng Zhi and Bian Zhilin as Examples ),《成大中文學報 (Journal of Chinese Literature of National Cheng Kung University)》,59,145-180。
  • 余君偉(2016):1940年代「九葉派」詩論——以袁可嘉為例 (Poetic Theory of the "Nine Leaves School" in the 1940s: Yuan Kejia as a Prime Example),《政大中文學報 (Bulletin of the Department of Chinese Literature at National Chengchi University)》,26,276-301。
  • 余君偉(2015):李碧華《胭脂扣》中的禮物交換與愛情(Gift Exchange and Love in Lillian Lee’s _Rouge_),《中外文學 (Chung Wai Literary Quarterly)》,44(4),9-36。
  • 余君偉(2015):雕像與流水:論馮至對里爾克詩風的接受和轉化(Of Statues and Flowing Water: Feng Zhi’s Reception and Transformation of Rilke’s Poetic Style),《中國現代文學(Modern Chinese Literature)》,28,91-108。
  • Yu, E. (2015). "Ideas, Emotions, and Poetic Devices: Philosophical Lyricism in Feng Zhi’s Sonnets". Quarterly Journal of Chinese Studies, 3(3), 1-16.
  • YU, K.W.E. (2012). "Obsessive Love, Mourning, and Objects: On the Novel and Film Adaptation of Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World". Sun Yat-sen Journal of Humanities, 32, 145-161.
  • YU, K.W.E. (2010). "Farce, Pathos, and Absurdity in Stephen Chow's Film Comedies: From Beijing with Love and CJ7 Reconsidered". Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies, 36(2), 213-241.
  • YU, K.W.E. (2009). "The Civilizing Mission, Social Sympathy, and Self-Preservation: On Alicia Bewicke Little’s Trips in China and the Ethics of Travel". Review of English and American Literature, 15, 121-146.
  • YU, K.W.E. (2008). "Hospitality, Debt, and the China Question: Thomas De Quincey's Rhetoric of Empire". Sun Yat-sen Journal of Humanities, 25, 25-40.
  • YU, K.W.E. (2006). "Productive Fear: Labor, Sexuality, and Mimicry in Bram Stoker's Dracula". Texas Studies in Literature and Language, 48(2), 145-170.

Conference Papers


  • Yu, K.W.E. (2017, June). Learning Hong Kong History through “Place Poems” of the 1970s. Paper presented at The 2017 Association of Chinese & Comprative Literature Conference, Hong Kong.
  • YU, K.W.E. (2017, May). Programme Outcomes Assessment: Principles and Examples. Keynote speech presented at QESS Symposium: Assuring and Enhancing Educational Quality for Post-secondary Education, Hong Kong.
  • 余君偉(2016,5):西詩及西詩中譯對漢語新詩的影響:以馮至及卞之琳為例,第7屆文學傳播與接受國際學術研討會,台北。
  • Yu, K.W.E (2014, December). "Everyday Modernity in Hong Kong Horror". Hong Kong As Method International Conference, Hong Kong.
  • 余君偉(2014,5):〈論也斯的食物詩學〉,第6屆文學傳播與接受國際學術研討會,新竹, 台灣。
  • Yu, K.W.E. (2013, December). "Professionalism and the Body in Hong Kong jiangshi Films: From the Mr. Vampire Cycle to Tsui Hark’s Vampire Hunters". Envisioning Chinese Cinemas in the 21st Century: The Taiwan Symposium, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
  • 余君偉(2013,10):〈物品、交換、人倫關係──論李碧華《胭脂扣》中的愛情〉,第十屆東亞學者現代中文文學國際學術研討會,香港。
  • Yu, K.W.E. (2011, October). “Wonder and Sly Humor in Emily Hahn’s Writings on the Congo.”. International Conference in Honor of Professor Liang Shih-chiu, Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Yu, K.W.E. (2010, November). “Obsessive Love, Object, and Mourning: On ‘Pure Love’ (jun’ai) Films”. Literary Studies in the New Century, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
  • Yu, K.W.E. (2010, May). "Cultural Negotiations and Generic Exchange in the Infernal Affairs Film Trilogy". The 8th Annual International Conference on Communication and Mass Media, Athens, Greece.
  • Yu, K.W.E. (2009, April). “Feel my Pain and Perish: Aesthetic Features and Moral Challenges of Ju-on: The Grudge”. B for Bad Cinema, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Yu, K.W.E. (2008, September). “A Traditional Vengeful Ghost or the Machine in a Ghost? Narrative Dynamics and Horror Effects in the Ring Cycle”. The 1st Global Conference -- Fear, Horror and Terror, Oxford, UK.
  • Yu, K.W.E. (2008, June). “Opening the Self at the Moments of Unease? The Ethics of Travel in Alicia Bewick Little’s and Emily Hahn’s Writings”. Travel Writing: Spirit of Place and Discover of the Self, Corfu, Greece.

All Other Outputs


  • 余君偉, 王良和, 關夢南(2018):詩, 中港情結, 生活化書寫 (Poetry, Mainland China-Hong Kong Complex, Daily Life Writing: An Interview with Kwan Muk-han). 《聲韻詩刊》(Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine) 43, A23-A27,香港。
  • 余君偉, 王良和, 葉輝(2017):文壇「多面手」--與葉輝對談(An All-rounder on the Literary Scene: Interview with Yip Fai),香港,《香港文學》(Hong Kong Literature Monthly), 393, 76-80。