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Welcome to Language Acquisition Area of strength (AOS)

     The Language Acquisition Area of Strength (AOS) in the Faculty of Education and Human Development has been launched since 2014/2015. It is an interdisciplinary effort across three departments or more in the faculty by pulling the critical mass of faculty expertise in Language Acquisition to strategically develop this area as one of the key strengths in the faculty.

      Language acquisition is a multidisciplinary field studying the process by which humans acquire both spoken and written languages. Language acquisition explores all aspects of oral language and literacy (written language) from basic research to applied research for both typically and atypically developing children and youth with a focus on the commonalty and diversity of languages and scripts. With research-based evidence, the team disseminates information to enhance the learning of language and literacy and make an impact on policies and practices related to language and literacy development.



1. To conduct cutting-edge research on language and literacy related topics that will contribute to the scientific understanding of language acquisition

2. To conduct applied research for both typical and atypical developing children and youth and benefit students in Hong Kong and beyond

3. To disseminate information about research-based practices related to language and literacy acquisition and instruction to the community including students, teachers, parents, and policy makers.


Signature research themes

Reading and writing development

Language and literacy related difficulties and interventions

Bilingualism and cognitive processing