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Play Therapy

*Play therapy services are currently not available until further notice*

Aim: Play Therapy is a type of counselling or psychosocial treatment. The therapist uses play as a media to communicate with the client, thus helping him/her to prevent or disentangle from any mental or emotional crisis. The client is facilitated to function, develop and grow healthily in his/her social context.

Serving Groups:
Infants or primary school students having the following emotional/behavioural problems: 
  • Over withdrawn, afraid to contact with others 
  • Lack of learning initiatives, afraid to go to school 
  • Over-anxious, fearful, always need to be accompanied by the care-taker
  • Fretful and impatient, hard to get good sleep, loss of appetite 
  • Rebellious, indifferent to rules 
  • Short tempered, emotionally out of control 
  • Low in self-esteem, avoid trying new things and facing difficulties 

Services and charges:
1.  Centre-based Service    
  • Assessment  (briefing on assessment result included) 
  • Emotional crisis / behavioral problems 
  • Learning problems 
  • Social adaptations and life stage transitional crisis 
      *Charges of accredited Play Therapist : $800 per 50 minutes 
  • Play Therapy course 
  • Individual therapy 
      *Charges of accredited Play Therapist (5 sections each of 50 minutes) : $4,000 
  • Group therapy 
      *Details and charges to be announced later 

2. Out-reach Service to schools and community settings 
  • Seminars or workshops 
  • Supportive therapy 
      *Quotation upon requests 

Application: Register online by clicking the button below. Alternatively, fax or email the completed form to I-WELL centre, our staff will contact the applicant as soon as we receive the application. All personal information will be treated in strict confidence and will only be used for the purpose of training.