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As a tourist destination, Hong Kong is like a colourful kaleidoscope of attractions. Sensational shopping, fabulous food, a scintillating nightlife, diverse sightseeing and a rich cultural heritage, to name just a few.  And you can experience each of these facets of Hong Kong while you are here.  The territory's total land area is less than 1,100 square kilometres, which makes for a very compact place indeed; coupled with an efficient public transport system, Hong Kong's sights are all easily accessible.

tour5.jpg (5069 bytes)Tourist publications like Sightseeing Guide, Dinning and Entertainment Guide will be provided free of charge by the Hong Kong Tourist Association (HKTA).  You can choose to explore the thrill of Hong Kong by yourselves or join the optional tours organised by the local travel agencies.  For more information about Hong Kong, please visit HKTA website.

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