Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

2-Day Workshop for School Heads of Government Primary Schools

Date: 7 & 8 February 2012

To enhance the understanding of the newest development of school physical education and visual arts for School Heads of Government Primary Schools, the Department of Culture & Creative Arts and the Department of Health & Physical Education have successfully acquired a tendered project for organizing a two-day workshop on 7th and 8th February 2012.


Apart from the Visual Arts workshop, the Day Two Workshop focused on the newest Physical Education curriculum development and implementation initiated by the Department of Health and Physical Education. School Heads were arranged to observe a demonstration lesson at Pui Kui Primary School. During the lesson, Mosston’s Inclusion Style of Teaching for catering learners’ diversity was demonstrated, discussed and debated. In the afternoon, participants visited sports facilities of the Education University of Hong Kong, It was followed by a presentation and sharing of different PE curriculum models like sport education, teaching games for understanding, cooperative learning and Mosston’s Spectrum of Styles Contemporary issues like integration, health and all round development, catering for learners’ diversity, interface, assessment and technological aided PE teaching were also discussed. All school Heads commended highly the relevance and effectiveness of the workshop for communicating with them the newest development of physical education curriculum in Hong Kong. They also requested to have another similar workshop for their PE teachers so that students’ learning through physical education can further be maximized.


3-days 2-nights summer promotion camp

The Department of Health and Physical Education (HPE) of The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) held a 3-days 2-nights summer promotion camp between 16 and 18 July 2012. The PE Promotion Camp aims to highlight the Department's curriculum, facilities and pursuance of HKIEd and to promote the HPE's Physical Education (PE) programmes to potential candidates.

The feedbacks for the summer promotion camp were overwhelmed this year.  More than 500 applications were received from over 90 secondary schools.  However, due to the limited hostel supply, only 108 applicants from 75 schools were admitted to the summer promotion camp.

During the promotion camp, various PE and sports activities which participants had less opportunity to learn and play with were introduced. For instance, dodge ball, korfball, rugby, gymnastics, aerobic dance and rope skipping.  Camp leaders had also demonstrated the basic teaching skills of different PE and sports activities to the participants.  Participants were arranged to practice the teaching skills that they learnt during the promotion camp on some of the PE and sport activities so as to have a real taste of being PE teachers.

In addition to the teaching practices, plentiful activities were arranged during the 3 days promotion camp.  An orientation on the  unique environment of the HKIEd was held on the second day of the promotion camp and following the orientation, a barbecue dinner party was arranged at Tai Mei Tuk in which all participants had an enjoyable time.

On the last day of the promotion camp, adventurous activities were arranged to mark the ending of this camp. Through various activities, participants were able to develop trust and team spirit among each team mate.

At the end of the camp, videos and pictures of the three days camp were prepared for participants to review the unforgettable moments.  The participants expressed their appreciation of the promotion camp.  Some said that they could see the passion of the HKIEd students and some expressed that they would encourage their classmates to join this event next year to feel the passion of the HKIEd.