A Hypermedia Courseware For Teaching Electronics In Secondary Schools:
Implementation And Evaluation

NG Pun Hon, KWOK Ping Wai and YEUNG Yau Yuen

Department of Science
Hong Kong Institute of Education
10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong


As commissioned by the Curriculum Development Institute of the Education Department, we have developed a computer-based courseware called the "Induction CD-ROM (Sixth Form Electronics)" to support the introduction of a new Sixth Form syllabus, the AS Level Electronics. Those computer-based multimedia materials are specifically made to be suitable for broadcasting on the Internet via an Information Server or for off-line distribution in form of a CD-ROM. With this courseware at hand, we have investigated the practical problems and the teachers' and students' attitudes towards hypermedia courseware for education in secondary school environment. This paper reports the preliminary results of our findings.