Self-ratings and Peer-ratings of Science Students' Homepage Projects on the Intranet

YEUNG Yau Yuen, CHENG May Hung, May and SO Wing Mui, Winnie

Department of Science
Hong Kong Institute of Education
10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, Hong Kong

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For the enhancement of information technology competence in education, the Science students in the Secondary Certificate of Education courses at the Hong Kong Institute of Education are required to develop some online materials by themselves in form of the World Wide Web (WWW) home-page projects. Before doing this, they have been provided with some first-person self-learning experiences on the Internet via a virtual centre of interactive hypermedia resources for self-learning called HAS Centre whose website is located at Furthermore, they are equipped with the basic principles and techniques of courseware design through a number of hours of lessons on homepage authoring as offered by a Science teacher educator. After the development, those student homepage projects were put onto the HAS Centre's Intranet website and students in the same class were assigned to perform some self-ratings and peer-ratings of those home-page projects by themselves. In this paper, we shall present the details of our method and some preliminary results on collecting and analyzing those self-assessment and peer-assessment data. We shall also discuss the educational values and the possible sources of errors and problems associated with this kind of project assessment.