Applications of Information Science and Related Technologies in Education:

Science Educators' Experience for Sharing

YEUNG Yau Yuen and NG Pun Hon

Department of Science

Hong Kong Institute of Education

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In the Science Department of the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd), one of our existing prominent research and teaching development areas is the application of information science and related technologies (which consist of scientific and 3D visualization, virtual reality, scientific computation, computer-simulated experiments, datalogging systems for computer-controlled/interfaced experiments as well as the conventional IT (information technology) elements such as multimedia and Internet) in Science education. We have been applying our project output not only for teaching a thousand of Science or General Studies and non-Science elective student-teachers enrolled in various courses at HKIEd sub-degree and degree levels, but also for providing value-free knowledge to the public through the Internet (e.g. Hypermedia And Self-learning Centre with website and some in-service teacher training programs. From a teacher educators' point of view, we will share our expertise/experience in some practical and plausible applications of information science and related technologies for promoting quality teaching and effective learning through a subject-based or subject specific approach with particular reference to the Science education. Examples include Multimedia Educational Technology, 3D Visualization and Virtual Reality, Computer-simulated Experiments, Computer-controlled Experiments, Use of the Internet for Teaching and Learning and Hypermedia Courseware Development. Some research findings on the student-teachers’ attitudes towards the learning in the aforementioned examples of IT-enriched environment will be presented. We shall also discuss some feasible ways of training/upgrading the IT competence of school science teachers through a series of hands-on and minds-on workshops.

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