Self/Peer Assessment of Student Home-page Projects

1. Each student is required to do the self-assessment of his/her own project on the given online assessment form.
2. Each student is furthermore required to do the peer-assessment on the given form of two other projects which have been assigned to you on the Intranet via the HAS Centre's website

The entrance homepage for browsing the student projects is located at

Select the projects in the session 99/00 at the top and then click the Project Assessment at the bottom.
3. Both the self- and peer-assessment should be done during 29 June - 3 July, 2000.
4. You must also fill in a questionnaire form after completing the self- and peer-assessment.
5. Deadline 3 July, 2000.
 Thank you for your kind attention.

Dr. Yeung
Module Coordinator