All full-time research students admitted to the Research Postgraduate Programmes (RPg) are automatically considered for Research Postgraduate Studentship (RPGSs). As a form of scholarship, RPGS provides the RPg students with financial assistance to study the programme. RPGSs is given based on academic merit; and the award is not taxable income. The value of the studentship shall be determined by the University from time to time.

The monthly stipend for the 2021-22 academic year is HK$17,600 (approximately US$2,260) for all MPhil and PhD students and HK$18,100 (approximately US$2,320) for post-candidacy PhD students. RPGS shall be tenable on an annual basis and awards for the subsequent years will be reviewed and determined by the University, subject to satisfactory performance of the RPGS holders. RPGS holders may also simultaneously be recipients of government loans and grants, and they may receive other scholarship awards on condition that this does not violate the terms and conditions of the other awards.

Holders of RPGS are required to undertake duties that carry educational benefits for the holders, such as, but not limited to, other research/academic activities, as assigned by the University. The amount of the duties shall not exceed, on average, 10 working hours per week in any full twelve-month period.



Terms and Conditions