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Doctor of Education (EdD)

Programme Code : A3D045 / C4D001

Study Mode : Full-time / Part-time

Programme Director : Dr Lee, Kwai Sang

Enquiry Hotline : (852) 2948 8939

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Programme Aims and Objectives

The EdD programme is aimed at experienced educators and professionals in education settings who aspire to extend their expertise in a particular Specialized Area, and their professional knowledge in a broad range of educational contexts through core courses.

Upon the completion of the Programme, students should be able to:

  • demonstrate an expert knowledge, understanding and competence in the Specialized Area and in the larger educational context;
  • generate appropriate theoretical frameworks to address, analyse and propose innovative approaches to a broad range of educational issues;
  • develop insights into research trends in the Specialized Area and demonstrate readiness to contribute to the professional literature in that field;
  • effectively communicate concepts and theories within the Specialized Area to an audience of peers both locally and internationally;
  • analyse educational policies, processes or practices from different perspectives critically; and
  • demonstrate a thorough understanding of ethical practices within the Specialized Area.

Programme Duration

Normative Length of Programme

Maximum Period of Study


3 years

5 years


4 years

7 years

Programme Structure

The EdD programme comprises 72 credit points (cps) which normally takes 3 years of full-time and 4 years of part-time studies to complete. Students are normally required to attend classes on Saturdays, weekday evenings and occasionally during long holidays. Depending on enrollment numbers, courses may be delivered in directed study mode.




Taught Core Courses

Conceptualizing Research


Research Methods I


Research Methods II


2 Specialized Courses



2 Elective Courses



Research Seminars



Development of Thesis Proposal









Any aspect of the course (including, without limitation, the content of the Course and the manner in which the Course is taught) may be subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the University. Without limiting the right of the University to amend the course, it is envisaged that changes may be required due to factors such as staffing, enrolment levels, logistical arrangements and curriculum changes.

Admission Requirements

For more information on the program-specific admission and English language requirements, please click here.

Highlights of EdD Programme

Development of Research Skills

The Graduate School (GS) is committed to provide students with opportunities to develop and enhance their research skills.  The following workshops and programmes are organized for research students:

  • Academic English Writing Programme
  • Statistical Consulting Services                         
  • Postgraduate Students Library Workshops


To widen students’ horizon and enhance their global awareness, GS establishes international collaboration with overseas university in offering dual doctoral programme (EdD + PhD). Besides, GS organises International Outreach Study Programme (IOSP) and International Postgraduate Roundtable and Research Forum cum Summer School (IPRRFSS) to broaden the international outlook of students.

  • Dual Doctoral Programme : Eligible EdD students could have an opportunity to earn a dual degree –  an EdD degree awarded by EdUHK and a PhD degree awarded by an overseas university. Through this program students would enrich their learning experience and be benefited from the research training and supervision from both local and international scholars.
  • International Outreach Study Programme (IOSP) : Participants have chances to visit prestigious universities and deepen their understanding of the world and learn to view issues from different perspectives through participation in seminars and interaction with scholars, researchers and postgraduate students.
  • IPRRFSS : The annual IPRRFSS is jointly organised with university partners from different regions of the world to provide intensive training in research competence, and further cultivate a research environment for postgraduate students. The event is organised by students and for students.

Award Schemes

  • Postgraduate Students Publication Award : To cultivate a research and outcome-oriented environment, the Postgraduate Students Publication Award is to reward students who produce quality research output in the form of journal articles.
  • Conference Award : To build and strengthen research capacity of students, the Conference Award is to reward students who present their work at international/national/local conference.

Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction is normally English.

Tuition Fees

  • The tuition fee for the 2020/21 academic year is HK$5,000 per credit, i.e: HK$360,000 for the 72-credit point of EdD programme, which is provisional and subject to adjustment. The University reserves the right to make changes to tuition fee without prior notice. Tuition fees paid are normally not refundable or transferable.
  • Extension fees will be charged to students who have to extend their studies beyond the normal duration (i.e. 3 years for full-time and 4 years for part-time).

(Every effort has been made to ensure that information contained in this website is correct. Changes to any aspects of the programmes may be made from time to time due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control and the University reserves the right to make amendments to any information contained in this website without prior notice. The University accepts no liability for any loss or damage arising from any use or misuse of or reliance on any information contained in this website.)


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