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Co-ordinator: Prof YEUNG Yau-yuen

Tel: (852) 2948 7650

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It is well-known that various crisis, conflict, and knowledge gap, coupled with the tension created by the recent educational reform have led to many great and prevalent challenges and opportunities in the science teaching community. Examples include the pioneering use of information technology in science teaching through computer-mediated experiments, Science-Technology-and-Society and constructivist’s  approach  towards  science  teaching,  inquiry-based  learning,  problem-based  learning, life-wide  learning,  metacognition  in  science  learning,  and  school-based  assessment  etc.  Therefore, Science Education is offered as an area of study via Directed Study mode in the EdD programme to prepare  future  leaders  in  Science  Education  with  both  theoretical  and  practical  competence  for initiating  and  implementing  educational  reform  at  the  school  and  community  level,  and  to  provide concrete research findings to inform and improve professional practice of the local and regional science teaching communities.

Specialized courses

  • Theories and Practices of Science Learning
  • Technology for Effective Learning and Teaching of Science
  • The Social and Psychological Dynamics of Science Learning
  • Environmental Health Perspectives and Education
  • Field-based Education and Environmental Literacy
  • Education for Environmental Sustainability

Any aspect of the course (including, without limitation, the content of the Course and the manner in which the Course is taught) may be subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the University. Without limiting the right of the University to amend the course, it is envisaged that changes may be required due to factors such as staffing, enrolment levels, logistical arrangements and curriculum changes.


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