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Co-ordinator: Dr POON Kin Keung

Tel: (852) 2948 7820

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This specialization meets the need for professional development of primary and secondary mathematics teachers,  and  other  related  professionals  who  are  specialists  in  Mathematics/Mathematics-related domains within some sector of education.  It offers candidates an opportunity to study at an advanced level for acquiring a specialist Doctoral Degree in Mathematics Education and enables them to take a leading role in their work environment. The programme involves in-depth study on pedagogy, curriculum development,   knowledge   in   Mathematics   teaching   and   learning,   the   use   of   information   and communication  technology  and  broader  social  issues  concerning  mathematics  education.  It  aims  to provide  high  quality  learning  opportunity  and  supervision  to  those  who  are  keen  to  acquire  updated research and practices related to mathematics education. Candidates are expected to broaden and advance their knowledge and research capacity through practices and critical thinking.

Specialized courses

Any aspect of the course (including, without limitation, the content of the Course and the manner in which the Course is taught) may be subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of the University. Without limiting the right of the University to amend the course, it is envisaged that changes may be required due to factors such as staffing, enrolment levels, logistical arrangements and curriculum changes.

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