The Graduate School of EdUHK organised a writing competition during the summer term 2021/22 to collect suggestions on achievable strategies to support research students. As our online evaluation survey – Student Research Experience Questionnaire (SREQ) showed an averagely lower score in the aspect of research climate than other items in the questionnaire (i.e. supervision, infrastructure and services, generic skills, goals and expectations), research postgraduate students were invited to share their opinions on improving the intellectual climate. Students shared their perspectives and insights on what makes a supportive research environment in our university and provided some valuable suggestions to enhance the overall intellectual and research climate.

      The Award Ceremony of writing competition took place in the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition on 14 August 2021. Congratulations to the 9 winners of the writing competition in 2021. They are:


Student name: DARZHINOVA Liubov
Programme: Doctor of Philosophy

Student name: WANG Yifei

Programme: Doctor of Education


Student name: MENDOZA Norman
Programme: Doctor of Philosophy

Student name: SUN Xiujuan

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy

Student name: KUCHERBAYEVA Dina

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy


Student name: CHIA Hui Min
Programme: Doctor of Philosophy

Student name: BUENCONSEJO Jet Uy

Programme: Master of Philosophy

Student name: SAZHINA Olga

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy

Student name: DHUNGANA Parbat

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy


Online Awardees

We were honoured to have Professor Chetwyn Chan, Vice President (Research and Development), to present awards to awardees who attended the ceremony online.


Group photo

Professor Cheng Kat Hung, Chair Professor of Cultural History (far left), Professor Lo Sing Kai, Dean of Graduate School (far right) and Writing Competition Awardees (from left to right) Mr Norman Mendoza, Mr Parbat Dhungana, Ms Sun Xiujuan, Mr Jet Uy Buenconsejo, Ms Wang Yifei, Ms Chia Hui Min and Ms Olga Sazhina.

 gp photo

The Education University of Hong Kong held its first Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition successfully on 14th August 2021 (both video entries and live presentations). The competition aims to professionally develop the academic, presentation and communication skills of our research postgraduate (RPg) and Doctor of Education (EdD) students by challenging them to explain their research within three minutes to a general audience. The event officially began with some warm welcoming remarks from Prof Chan Che-hin, Vice President (Research and Development). More than 25 research students enrolled and presented in the competition.

The contestants’ presentations attracted the audience’s attention greatly and encouraged a lively discussion among the contestant, the judging panel, and the audience about their research. The adjudicating panel of the competition included Prof Lui Tai-lok, the Director of the Academy of Hong Kong Studies, Prof Cheng Kat-hung, Chair Professor of Cultural History, and Prof Jim Chi-yung, the Research Chair Professor of Geography & Environmental Science. After two hours of competition, Professor Cheung Yan-leung, President of the University, presented the awards to all the outstanding winners. Valuable feedbacks were also given to the participants by the judges to ensure students can learn from this fun and challenging experience.


Congratulations to all the outstanding winners of the EdUHK 3MT Competition 2021. They are:


Presentation title:

Motivation and self-assessment practices as mechanisms linking need-supportive teaching and student achievement in English learning

Presentation title:

Examining primary students’ self-regulated vocabulary learning mediated by the self-regulation scheme on a mobile app


Presentation title:

Go abroad or stay home: Kazakhstan students' academic experiences in China

LAW Mei-ling
Presentation title:

Effects of Blended Learning pedagogical practices on students’ self-regulated learning and learners’ motivation in Hong Kong Secondary School Context

MERUYERT Seidumanova

Presentation title:

Successful school leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic: the case of Kazakhstan



Presentation title:

L1 and L2 Processing and Comprehension of Russian Locally Ambiguous Participial Relative Clause Sentences

Presentation title:

Language attitude and language use in modern Kazakhstan after 30 years of Independence

LIM Ching-yee Jenny
Presentation title:

Museum Learning and Experiences - How do we relate to IB Diploma Visual Arts Program

Presentation title:

Understanding non-local PhD students' agency in times of crisis

KWOK Ching-yan

Presentation title:

Assessment of Conventional and New Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances in the Marine Ecosystem




We were honoured to have Professor Lui Tai-lok, Chair Professor of the Department of Asian and Policy Studies, Professor Cheng Kat-hung, Chair Professor of Cultural History and Professor Jim Chi-yung, Research Chair Professor of Geography & Environmental Science to be the judges of the 3MT Competition.


Group Photo

Congratulations to all the awardees!

3mt group photo1

In consideration of the uncertain development of COVID-19 in Hong Kong, the Graduate School has organised the 27th Graduation Ceremony live-streamed on 24 July 2021. Around 150 graduates attended online with their families and friends to share the happy moments on this special occasion. As a prelude to the graduation ceremony, a pre-recorded graduation speech delivered by our former Vice-President (Research and Development), Professor Lui Tai Lok, was presented.

During the ceremony, we were delighted to have Professor John Trent, Associate Dean (Quality Assurance and Enhancement) of Graduate School, Dr Lee Kwai Sang, Associate Dean (Academic Development and Support) of Graduate School, and Dr Tsang Yiu Fai Chris, Assistant Dean of Graduate School, to present the graduates (class of 2021) of the Research Postgraduate, Doctor of Education and Master of Education programmes.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, an interactive session was incorporated, graduates had a chance to socialize and mingle with each other. The Dean of Graduate School, Professor Lo Sing Kai, believes “Graduation is not the end; but the beginning of another journey”. The graduates enjoyed the interaction a lot as they had actively engaged throughout the session.

If you have missed the live-streamed online graduation ceremony, you may watch the recorded video*. Once again, congratulations to all graduates and families and wish all graduates a bright and fruitful new chapter of life!

*Please refer to the email sent to you by your programme on 11 August 2021 for the link and password. The video is available until 31 December 2021.



A series of informal gathering sessions on “Chances to Mingle with Top 2% of Senior Researchers as Named on Stanford University’s list – Learning beyond the researcher’s desk” are organized for research students starting from 2020/21 academic year. In this series, different senior researchers who were named on Stanford University’s list of the top 2% most-cited scientists in various disciplines were / will be invited to share their research experiences. This provides a platform for intellectual exchanges and cultivate a rigorous and supportive research culture among research students. 

Speaker: Professor Rudolf Wu 

- Advisor (Environmental Science) in Department of Science and Environmental Studies, EduHK;

- Director of the “Regional Centre of Excellence in Marine Pollution” of the Partnerships in Environmental Management  for the Seas of East Asia, United Nations

Topic: GOOD RESEARCH: Essential elements, approaches and common pitfalls

About the Seminar

Research involves collection, analysis and interpretation of data. While originality and novelty are fundamental for all types of research, GOOD research distinguished itself from mediocre research by its potential to (a) make generalization, prediction and application on a wide scale, and (2) produce significant scientific and/or socioeconomic impact.

Research may be classified into 4 different types (e.g. fishing expedition, discovery, technique development and hypothesis testing). In this seminar, Professor Rudolf Wu (bio) will share his research experience and discuss the merit, pros and cons of each type, and key processes involved in hypothesis formulation and testing. Common pitfall (e.g. sampling, sample size and data interpretation) in conducting research will also be highlighted.

Registration link: Click Here

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Speaker: Professor WONG Ming Hung 

- Advisor (Environmental Science), Consortium on Health, Environment, Education and Research (CHEER), and Department of Science and Environmental Studies, EdUHK;

- Chang Jiang Chair Professor (Environmental Science and Engineering), Ministry of Education, China; and

- Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Geochemistry and Health (Springer Nature)

Topic: Writing Scientific Papers for Journal Publication

About the Seminar

Final year project students, research students and even junior scientists are faced with various difficulties in writing their scientific papers, and even more so when submitting their papers for journal publication. Research students in a substantial number of major mainland universities are required to publish papers in peer-reviewed journals, before graduation. Though not stipulated in any regulations, research students in Hong Kong are also encouraged to publish their results, while pursuing their studies.  In this seminar, Professor Wong Ming Hung will share his research experience in writing scientific papers for journal publication, in the area of environmental sciences, starting from preparation of a manuscript, to submission to an appropriate international peer-reviewed journal, and revising the manuscript according to reviewers’ comments. Common errors made by research students will be discussed.

Registration link: Click Here

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Speaker: Professor JIM Chi Yung, BH, JP.

- Research Chair Professor of Geography & Environmental Science

Topic: Dreaming up a fruitful and fulfilling academic voyage

About the Seminar

The professional life of an academic is full of challenges and surprises, characterised by continual kaleidoscopic changes.  Probably, the only element of certainty is the starting point, which could be followed by wanderings in the wilderness. For an aspiring academic, the future seems rather unpredictable and unsettling.  To avoid going astray and wasting precious time and effort, some introspection and visionary planning may alleviate the apprehension.  It helps to understand some key traits and expectations, upon which a road map could be plotted to reach blissful destinations after destinations with efficacy and alacrity.  Bon voyage!

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Speaker: Professor Stephen Y.L. Cheung, SBS, JP, Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques.

- President of EdUHK

- Chair Professor of Public Policy

About the Seminar

This series provide a platform to connect our senior and junior researchers in the University. Having the pleasure to invite the President, Prof Stephen Cheung, to be our first speaker, this gathering was organized successfully on 7 Oct 2020 (Wednesday), with both online and face-to-face modes to accommodate more than forty doctoral students from all around the world. During the event, the President shared his career of treachery from mathematics to statistics, finance, and education. He believes overcoming challenges is fun, and this has motivated him to keep transforming. Change is the only constant. Prof Cheung emphasises the importance of lifelong learning and always keeping an open mind. Prof Cheung also gave advice regarding how to maintain positive relationships with supervisors, how to apply research skills on different settings and how to maximize time efficiency as a researcher. Although the research field is challenging, he encouraged students to “work hard, and never say never”.

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An online conference, titled “Adjustments and Support by Tertiary Institutions Amid Coronavirus” was co-organised by the Education University of Hong Kong, the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, and the Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University on July 6. After Prof. Stephen Cheung (President of The Education University of Hong Kong), Prof. Dr. Aleksandr Fedorov (Rector of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University), and Prof. Dr. Elena Ilaltdinova (Rector of Minin University) delivered welcome speeches to mark the beginning of the online conference, vigorous discussion around how to enhance online teaching effectiveness during the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus disease began.


Colleagues from the Russian universities shared their experience of introducing different online advanced training courses to school teachers. Prof Irina Filchenkova, Vice-Rector (Education) of Minin university, and Prof Anastasia Oladishkina, Director of the Teachers’ Professional Development Center, outlined the prospects for the development of teacher education in the post-COVID-19 period. While experts from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University, Prof. Anna Budarina, Director of Institute of Education, and Dr. Kseniya Degtyarenko, Director of Educational Programs (Institute of Education), provided some solid recommendations to tackle the difficulties of shifting to online learning.


Senior management staff from the Education University of Hong Kong also provided lots of insights. Prof. Lui Tai Lok, Vice President (Research & Development) shared that the pandemic outbreak alert educators to be more responsive to emergent challenges, he emphasized the importance of making higher education more portable. His colleague, Prof Kong Siu Cheung, Director of Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology, introduced the EdUHK Open Classes Platform and demonstrated how to engage students by using different e-learning tools; while Prof John Lee, Vice President (Academic) & Provost, shared lots of good practices to showcase how online learning was adopted in the university. Their sharings covered both synchronous and asynchronous online teaching methods to facilitate effective e-learning and e-teaching.

In sum, this event provided a timely platform for intellectual exchange among experts. Abundant new ideas were discussed in hopes of providing better support for teachers and learners under the global pandemic.

Congratulations to the first-batch of  doctoral graduates from EdUHK