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  1. Code of Practice for EdD Programmme
(stipulates responsibilities of the University, Graduate School, Departments, Supervisors, and students)
  1. General Academic Regulations (for taught postgraduate programmes) 
  1. General Academic Regulations for the Research Component of the Research Postgraduate and Professional Doctorate Programmes 
(stipulate regulations in relation to supervisory arrangement, qualifying and thesis proposal presentation, and thesis examination, etc.)
  1. Handbook on Academic Advising for Postgraduate Students
The followings are downloadable at the Registry website (
  1. Programme Quality Assurance Staff Handbook
  2. Working Manual for Board of Examiners (BoE)
  3. Policy on Grade Moderation

  1. EdD Programme Handbook (for 2015/16 Entry)

  1. Study Flow in EdD Programmme
  1. Flowchart of EDD8015 Development of Thesis Proposal
  1. Flowchart of EDD8004 Presentation of Thesis Proposal
  1. Timeline for EdD Thesis Submission

  1. Supervisory Arrangement Form
  1. Change of Supervisor Form
  1. Thesis Proposal Template
  1. Application for Extension of Thesis Proposal Presentation
  1. Rebuttal Form for Thesis Proposal

  1. Thesis Submission Guideline
  1. Sample Paper for Thesis
  1. Notice of Intention to Submit Thesis
  1. Thesis Submission Form
  1. Endorsement for Similarity Result Form
  1. Rebuttal Form for Thesis Examinations

 - Operation Flow

 - Role of External Reviewer on the review on Specialized Areas in EdD Programme

 Nomination Form for External Reviewer

 Template of External Reviewer's Report

Research Postgraduate Programmes (RPg)