Message from the Acting Dean


Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities (FHM) of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK). In line with the University’s strategic development, FHM was founded in July 2012 to provide a more comprehensive learning environment in response to the demand of humanities education in the society.

FHM comprises four departments, namely Chinese Language Studies, English Language Education, Linguistics and Modern Language Studies, and Literature and Cultural Studies, along with the Centre for Language in Education, with some 240 academic, teaching, research, project and administrative staff. We build upon our traditional strengths in the discipline areas of language, literature and culture to focus on high-quality programme offerings in a wide spectrum of humanities-related disciplines such as Language Studies, General and Applied Linguistics, Literature, Cultural Studies and History.

FHM’s logo contains a bilingual tagline of “人能弘道Humanity can broaden the Way”. The saying comes from Confucius’ Analects (Lunyu): “人能弘道,非道弘人”, which reminds us of the true value of mankind. It is not truth that makes man great but man that makes truth great. We should strive for sustainable improvements before we can make truth great. This serves as a guiding principle for us to nurture our students to be professionally excellent, ethically responsible and innovative who are also equipped with effective communication skills and multicultural awareness.

We will continue to establish strong partnerships with the local community as well as the regional and international academia. Please join me in bringing FHM a leading faculty in humanities education which impacts positively on the well-being of Hong Kong society and beyond.

Professor Leung Pui Wan Pamela

Acting Dean, Faculty of Humanities