Departments & Centres


DepartmentsAreas of Expertise
  • Chinese language education

  • Chinese linguistics

  • Teaching Chinese as a second language

  • English language teacher education

  • English language curricula in Hong Kong and the global context

  • English as a medium of learning and teaching

  • Technology-mediated English teaching and learning

  • Fundamentals of human language system

  • Language in the mind

  • Language in society

  • Chinese literature and culture

  • English literature

  • Chinese history and world history

  • Cultural studies


CentresAreas of Expertise
  • Provision of language enhancement programmes (LEP) covering Chinese (including Putonghua) and English

  • Implementation of assessments for language learning

  • Offer of co-curricular and extra-curricular language enhancement activities and learning resources at Arthur Samy Language Learning Centre (ASLLC), e.g:

    • Workshops, consultations, and self-access language learning software in Chinese (including Putonghua) and English

    • English Cafe, book club, cultural workshops and English language buddy scheme

    • International Tutors from all around the world, including Brazil, Columbia, Finland, Mongolia, Sweden, the Netherlands and the United States to organise activities

  • CKC Chinese Input System

  • CKC online dictionary and code phrase search

  • Pinyin guide, simplified/traditional Chinese recognition and Putonghua/Cantonese reciprocal conversion

  • PSC Putonghua Proficiency Test

  • Training of pre-service and in-service Putonghua teachers in Hong Kong

  • Research and publication projects related to the learning, teaching and testing of Putonghua in Hong Kong

Research Centres

Research CentresAreas of Expertise
  • Research that adopts a broad view of popular culture including both the culture of everyday life and its mediation through print, music, cinema, photography and new digital media of various kinds

  • Research that bridges language, literature, culture and new media within the Faculty of Humanities

  • Focus on popular culture in the Humanities from an Asian perspective

  • Chinese Linguistics

  • Chinese Language in Education

  • Acquisition and Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language

  • Digital Humanities for Cantonese 

  • Multilingual acquisition and multilingual education  

  • Child language development and developmental disorders

  • Researches on literary works and their authors, literary thoughts and schools, genres and styles, and literary influences

  • Generation and dissemination of literary texts and literary knowledge

  • Publication and marketing of literary works, literature education, literary historiography, filmic and television adaptations of literature, graphic novels and lyrics of pop songs

  • Hong Kong literature and children’s literature