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Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer

The Faculty actively contributes to the development and improvement of  our society through its applied research and knowledge transfer (KT) activities.

Approaches to Knowledge Transfer

1.      Offer professional development courses for in-service learners;
2.      Organise conferences, seminars, lectures and workshops;
3.      Aid research and development projects for schools, NGOs and governments 
4.      Increase partnerships with schools for staff training, internships, curriculum change, and leadership
5.      Attract consultancy services for schools, NGOs and government bodies
6.      Engage experts and social leaders as mentors, lecturers and designers for our programmes;
​7.      Produce innovative research and scholarship for educators and the community.

In 2017-18, the Faculty and its departments/centres organised or co-organised 25 conferences / symposia and over 137 workshops / seminars for knowledge transfer (KT) purposes. These KT activities were joined by over 10,000 participants, and can be categorised mainly into three areas: education research, learning and teaching, and human wellbeing.

Main Activities

Local and international conference and seminar

Special Educational Needs Empowerment Project for Pre-service Teachers



Major Projects supported by the University's Knowledge Transfer Funds

Year Award Winner Project Title Department
2018/19 Dr LAU Esther Yuet Ying Promoting the Importance of Students’ Sleep Health to School Administrators, Teachers, Counsellors and Parents  Psychology (PS)
2018/19 Dr WANG Zhenlin Peek into Other People’s Mind: Developing an Online Training System for Parents and Teachers to Facilitate Hong Kong Children’s Theory of Mind (ToM) Development Psychology (PS)
2018/19 Dr YEUNG Siu Sze Supporting Kindergarteners’ Learning English at Home through a Literacy Play Kit Psychology (PS)
2017/18 Dr LEUNG Chi Hung Development of Executive Functioning Training Manual Using Play-based Learning and Assessment Tool to Students with ADHD – AR Mobile Apps Version Special Education and Counselling (SEC)
2017/18 Dr ZHANG Yuefeng Promoting Positive Parent-child Relationship through Mindfulness Training Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)
2016/17 Dr CHENG Chi Keung Eric Managing Schools Intellectual Capital Curriculum and Instruction (C&I)
2015/16 Prof CHIU Chi Shing Fostering Teacher Leadership in School Improvement: Facing New Challenges in Curriculum and Pedagogy Education Policy and Leadership (EPL)
2015/16 Dr YEUNG Siu Sze Susanna English Language Teaching for Chinese ESL Kindergarteners: Sharing of Evidenced-based Practices Psychology (PS)